Working with Data using Pandas

Working with Data using Pandas
Working with Data using Pandas
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Pandas is an open-source library for Python designed to aid in data manipulation and analysis. It is widely used by data scientists due to is ease of use and versatility. Learn the basics of Pandas, and in particular learn how to work with Pandas Data Frames. You can't do data science in Python without them.

Table of Contents

00:00:00 Introduction
00:01:28 Overview of Pandas
00:06:08 Setting Up the Development Tools
00:09:07 Launching Jupyter Notebooks (Demo)
00:12:39 Using Pandas Series
00:16:27 Creating Series (Demo)
00:20:27 Using Pandas Data Frames
00:23:14 Creating Data Frames (Demo)
00:27:21 Loading and Saving Data Frames
00:28:57 Reading and Writing CSVs (Demo)
00:32:48 Performing Calculations with a Data Frame
00:35:24 Generating Computed Data and Statistics with Columns (Demo)
00:40:56 Querying and Slicing Data Frames
00:43:26 Querying and Slicing a Data Frame (Demo)
00:55:06 Conclusion

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