Working with Git Branches

Working with Git Branches
Working with Git Branches
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Git branches help you manage your daily tasks easier. If you’re working in a shared codebase, then branching is essential. Packed full of demos, this course will guide you through Git branches and the tools available to help you along the way.

Working in a large, shared codebase is complex. How do you make progress when everyone is working at the same time? Git branches help you organize and scale concurrent work on your codebase. Branches are also great to organize your daily tasks and manage what you are doing on your own machine. In this course, Working with Git Branches, you will gain the ability to incorporate branches into your daily workflow. First, you will learn the basics of branches. Next, you will discover the tools of merge, rebase, and cherry-pick to help you do even more. Finally, you will explore how to use branches across distributed remotes in a team environment, and how to understand, avoid, and deal with code conflicts when they come up. When you are finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge of Git branching needed to boost your individual productivity, work as a team, and lower your stress level.

Table of Contents

Course Overview
1 Course Overview

Understanding Git Branch Basics
2 Branching In-flight
3 Moving from Branch to Branch
4 Renaming and Deleting Branches

Merging Made Easy
5 Comparing and Merging Branches
6 Rearranging with Rebase
7 Rebase Demos
8 Using Cherry Pick
9 Cherry Pick Demos

Using Git Branches with Your Team
10 Setting up Remotes
11 Using Remotes with Code
12 Using Remotes with Branches
13 Understanding Git Diff
14 Using Git Diff
15 Ignoring Files
16 Setting Team Conventions
17 Creating Code That Can Merge
18 Using Pull Requests
19 Resolving Merge Conflicts
20 Aborting a Merge