Web Scrape Anything With JavaScript

Web Scrape Anything With JavaScript

English | MP4 | AVC 1920×1080 | AAC 44KHz 2ch | 6 Hours | 2.31 GB

6 Web Scraping Projects. Must-know JavaScript technologies.

6 Real Life Projects

Projects include a Twitter Bot, Job Board Scraper, Stock Price Scraper, Intagram, Reddit crawlers and more

40+ Tutorial Videos

The tutorial videos leave nothing out, we’ll cover setting up everything (yes, even Node JS, APIs and the code editor) and show you *real* trial and error coding

Essential JavaScript Libraries

JavaScript is much more than just the syntax — you must be familiar with its ecosystem of libraries. We cover essentials like Cheerio, Puppeteer, and more

Easy Deployments

Using Google Cloud platform and scheduler — deployment doesn’t have to be a pain. This is a great way to deploy any project, not just scrapers

Optional Challenges

At the end of every video there are a few challenges which you can attempt – on top of that, I strongly encourage you to make every project *your own* and then send it to me!

Table of Contents

0.1 Welcome + What tech we’ll cover
0.2 The Projects we’ll build
0.3 How to web scrape anything
0.4 The multiple “Levels” of scraping
0.5 How to learn BEST from this course
1.0 – Installing Node JS + NPM
1.1 – Setting up VS Code
1.2 – Google Sheets I: Setting up the API
1.3 — Google Sheets II: Creating an OOP Class
1.4 – Job Board Scraper I: Getting it Working
1.5 – Job Board Scraper II: Scraping Multiple Pages
2.1 – Project Intro & Twitter Developer Account Setup
2.2 – Twitter Bot I: Setting up our bot to use sheets + Twitter
2.3 – Twitter Bot II: Reading and Writing through the APIs
2.4 – Twitter Bot III: Deployment, Creating a Cloud Function
2.5 – Twitter Bot IV: Deployment, Scheduling our function to run daily
3.0 – How to Fetch and Parse HTML
3.1 – Testing different sites for scrape-ability
3.2 – Google Trend Scraper I: Intro & Testing it!
3.3 – CSS Selectors Overview
3.4 – Google Trend Scraper II: Fetch and Parse with Cheerio
3.5 – Google Trend Scraper III: Making the data useful
4.1 – Stock Price Scraper I: Scrape a Price in 5 lines of code!
4.2 – Stock Price Scraper II: Scraping Multiple Prices & Making a graph
4.3 – Stock Price Scraper III: Deploying it to run every day automatically
5.0 – Introducing Puppeteer
5.1 – Reddit Scraper I: Intro, Context, Motivation
5.2 – Reddit Scraper II: Puppeteer basics, crafting a strategy
5.3 – Reddit Scraper III: Expanding comments with click & scroll
5.4 – Reddit Scraper IV: Scraping comments and points with $eval
5.5 – Reddit Scraper V: Creating sheets dynamically to store comment threads
5.6 – Reddit Scraper VI: Running in Headless Mode
6.1 – Introducing the final project
6.2 – Our 3 part plan for getting this done
6.3 – Instagram Crawler I: Logging in by typing text
6.4 – Instagram Crawler II: Liking photos with advanced selectors
6.5 – Instagram Crawler III: Scraping a Single Profile / Naive approach
6.6 – Instagram Crawler IV: Scraping multiple profiles / Robust approach
6.7 – Instagram Crawler V: Setting up Google Sheets for Instagram
6.8 – Instagram Crawler VI: Bulk UPDATING Google sheets rows
6.9 – Instagram Crawler VII: Deploying Puppeteer to run every day
Course recap