Visual Studio Code Productivity Tips

Visual Studio Code Productivity Tips
Visual Studio Code Productivity Tips
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Make your coding and debugging workflow more productive with Visual Studio (VS) Code, the optimized code editor for Windows, Max, and Linux. In this course, instructor Walt Ritscher introduces tips and techniques for using the smart, context-sensitive features in VS Code to speed up your development work. Learn how to find code references faster, generate boilerplate HTML, improve quality with code refactoring, create custom keybindings for the commands you use most, and copy and move code blocks with ease. Walt also introduces five of his favorite extensions, including GitLens, which enables powerful insights into your Git repository without ever leaving VS Code.

Table of Contents

1 Make Visual Studio Code more productive for your projects
2 Access the sample code on GitHub

Tips and Techniques
3 Use Go to and Peek Definition to find code references
4 Refactor the code
5 Favorite extensions Bracket Pair Colorizer
6 Tidy code layout with Format Document
7 Favorite extensions XML Tools
8 Create custom keybindings for common commands
9 Favorite extensions Spell Checker
10 A simple technique to copy code blocks
11 Favorite extensions Sort lines
12 Use Emmet notation to add boilerplate text
13 Favorite extensions GitLens
14 Use font ligatures to add symbols to your code

15 Next steps