101 UX Principles: Actionable Solutions for Product Design Success, 2nd Edition

101 UX Principles: Actionable Solutions for Product Design Success, 2nd Edition

English | 2022 | ISBN: 978-1803234885 | 454 Pages | PDF, EPUB | 14 MB

Improve user experience by avoiding common frustrations and focusing on what matters

Design is everywhere. Take a look around you right now and consider the products and services we use every day. You’ll notice that our computer and phone operating systems, our web browsers, and the apps we use to work, order food, socialize and even date have been designed by UX specialists to offer you the best experiences when using their products and services.

Of course, not all online experiences are designed with our best interests in mind. That’s exactly why UX design is such an exciting and rewarding field―by learning the logic behind what people engage with and implementing it in your UX work, you can craft intuitive, accessible, and highly functional designs for your digital products.

The 2nd edition of 101 UX Principles is the perfect companion when working on digital projects and making the right decisions for your users. From landing pages and checkout basket UIs to startup launch products and enterprise software solutions, a rich user experience design will maximize the success of your product.

The book includes an exclusive invitation to join an online UX designers’ community, where you can read the book alongside peers and other UX designers, and participate in various challenges and discussions with the author. See you there!

“This updated version of 101 UX Principles is a delight. Thoroughly revised, this edition includes great points from the earlier edition, offers some updated examples, and provides new examples of solid UX principles. Theory goes into practice with examples that we can all relate to. The author says this book is a ‘shortcut to success’ for less experienced designers and a challenge to accepted thinking for seasoned UX professionals. It is that, yes, and it is so much more. It’s an educational and fun provocation to look at the world of UX differently – solidly from the user’s point of view.”

―Elizabeth Churchill, Director of User Experience, Google

“They say UX is liquid – you can’t pin it down. Well, they haven’t read this book. In a series of short, direct lessons, this book lays out the fundamental principles of good user experience design. Complete with case studies, a record of personal experience, and visual examples, Grant makes it clear why these techniques have found their way into the canon of UX best practices. This is a phenomenal reference guide as you set out on your UX journey or even if you’ve been on it for many years.”

―Jeff Gothelf, Author of Lean UX

Sneak a peek at some of the new and updated principles in this UX design book:

  • Work with user expectations, not against them
  • Make interactive elements obvious and discoverable
  • Optimize your interface for mobile
  • Streamline creating and entering passwords
  • Respect users’ time and effort in your Forms
  • Use animation with care in user interfaces
  • How to handle destructive user actions
  • Chatbots are usually a bad idea
  • Use A/B testing to test your ideas
  • Let users give feedback, but don’t hassle them
  • Make it clear to users if they’re joining or signing-in
  • Only use modal views for blocking actions
  • Complexity can be good for some users