UX Foundations: Storytelling

UX Foundations: Storytelling
UX Foundations: Storytelling
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Every user is the hero of their own story. The secret to effectively stand out in the mind of your consumer is to stop shouting your own story and to start playing a specific role in theirs. Learn how to apply storytelling principles to your UX design process and craft more engaging, user-centered experiences. Sarah Weise teaches the foundations of good storytelling, from defining the story arc to orchestrating the action and emphasizing your message. She explains how to embrace emotion to invoke empathy, and how to incorporate the right perspective, visuals, and monetization strategy. By the end of this fast-paced course, you’ll know how to craft stories in a way that connects with your customers—and how to do it in a consistent, strategic way for better user experiences, improved engagement, and more sales for your business.

Table of Contents

1 The business of story
2 Choose the right story
3 Defining the story arc
4 Set the stage
5 Action sequence
6 End the story right
7 Be the guide, not the hero
8 Clarify your message
9 Embrace emotion to empathize with customers
10 Authentic, relatable stories
11 Brain science Why we buy
12 Your signature story
13 Where to tell your story Evaluating possible platforms
14 Perspective matters The angle you choose
15 From storytelling to story selling Monetizing your stories
16 Visual storytelling The power of pictures
17 Next steps