Tuning Site Search LiveLessons

Tuning Site Search LiveLessons

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Tuning Site Search Live Lessons: Help Customers Discover Your Products and Information

Website search is the most overlooked way to improve your website customer experience, help them progress to a sale, and increase your revenue. If you think of yourself as more creative than analytical, you can still master marketing analytics.

All websites of any size have a search box in the upper right corner, but some are little more than random web page generators. Although eCommerce sites have generally improved their search because of the great site search provided by Amazon.com, most other websites struggle with providing an effective search experience for their visitors, relegating site search to the IT team rather than to marketers who obsess over every other aspect of the website experience.

Tuning Site Search LiveLessons will help you, the marketer, to make site search your secret weapon to improve customer experience by providing customers with answers to their questions. Remember, if they cant find it, they cant buy it. But that also means that if they cant find the answers to their sales objections, they wont contact your salesperson to buy. It also means that if your company is recommended to a new prospective customer, they wont call you if your website doesnt answer their questions. Website search is the only personalized page on most websites, and most marketers bemoan any ability to make the experience better. Take this course and unlock the secret of answering your customer questions to unlock more sales.

Learn How To

  • Explain the importance of site search to digital marketing and customer experience
  • Identify the root causes of disappointing site search experiences
  • Develop a process for improving the site search experience
  • Measure the effectiveness of site search

Who Should to Take This Course

  • All digital marketers and customer experience staffers whose websites offer site search
  • Web operations personnel, content strategists, and web analytics staff
  • Marketing managers, Data science experts, IT personnel, marketing executives and customer experience executives
Table of Contents

1 Tuning Site Search Introduction
2 Learning objectives
3 What is site search
4 Why is site search important to our business goals
5 Lesson 1 Exercise Project Progress
6 Learning objectives
7 Why is site search so hard to get right
8 Why can’t we just change our search engine
9 Lesson 2 Exercise Project Progress
10 Learning objectives
11 What happens when someone searches
12 How do search indexes work
13 How do you evaluate a search engine
14 Lesson 3 Exercise Project Progress
15 Learning objectives
16 How do I evaluate search
17 How do I know when searchers find what they are looking for
18 What do I do with these measurements
19 Lesson 4 Exercise Project Progress
20 Learning objectives
21 How do I identify the right keywords
22 What fixes can I make
23 How does governance work
24 Lesson 5 Exercise Project Progress
25 Learning objectives
26 How do I improve technology
27 How do I improve content
28 How do I improve presentation
29 How do I know what changes to make
30 Lesson 6 Exercise Project Progress
31 Learning objectives
32 What’s coming next in site search
33 What’s next for you and site search
34 Tuning Site Search Summary