Intro to Tableau Server & Tableau Online for Data Analysts

Intro to Tableau Server & Tableau Online for Data Analysts

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Learn how to create, manage, publish & share reports and dashboards with Tableau Server & Tableau Online (Tableau Cloud)

This course is designed for Data Analysts or Business Intelligence professionals looking to create, manage, publish and share workbooks using Tableau Server and Tableau Online (Tableau Cloud).

We’ll start by introducing the Tableau Server and Tableau Online environments, reviewing the user interface and content management structure, and exploring user roles and permissions.

From there we’ll practice publishing workbooks and data sources to Tableau Server, and introduce powerful interaction tools like scheduled refresh, data-driven alerts, custom views, comments, and more.

Last but not least we’ll review web authoring tools to create, edit, publish, and share new workbooks or data connections within the Tableau Server or Tableau Online environment.


Introducing Tableau Server & Online

License & site roles, user permissions, content management, user interface, etc.

Publishing & Scheduling

Publishing options, scheduled extract & workflow refresh, etc.

Interaction Tools

Custom views, alerts, metrics, subscriptions, comments, sharing options, etc.

Web Authoring Tools

Connecting to data, creating new workbooks, authoring & editing views, etc.

What you’ll learn

  • Create, manage, publish and share Tableau reports using Tableau Server & Online
  • Configure scheduled refresh for data extracts and Tableau Prep workflows
  • Apply interaction tools like data-driven alerts, custom views, subscriptions & comments
  • Learn from a best-selling instructor, featured author, and award-winning Tableau developer
Table of Contents

Getting Started
1 Course Structure & Outline
2 READ ME Important Notes for New Students
3 Course Project Intro
4 DOWNLOAD Course Resources
5 Setting Expectations
6 Downloading Tableau Online (Free Trial)

Intro to Tableau Server & Online
7 Tableau Licensing Roles
8 Tableau Server vs. Online
9 Accessing Tableau Server
10 The Tableau Server Interface
11 Content Management
12 License & Site Roles
13 User Permissions
14 User Permissions Example

Publishing & Scheduling
15 Publishing a Workbook
16 Publishing a Data Source
17 Scheduling Data Extract Refreshes
18 Scheduling Prep Workflow Refreshes

Interaction Tools
19 Basic Interactions
20 Creating Custom Views
21 Creating Alerts
22 Creating Metrics
23 Creating Subscriptions
24 Exporting Content
25 Sharing & Commenting

Web Authoring Tools
26 Web Authoring
27 Connecting to Data
28 Creating New Workbooks
29 Authoring Views
30 Editing Views
31 Publishing to Personal Space

Wrapping Up