SQL Code Challenges

SQL Code Challenges

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Want to assess your SQL skills? These concise challenges let you stretch your brain and test your talents. Get hands-on practice querying and retrieving data, adding new tables to existing databases, updating data in multiple tables and multiple records, and presenting summary data. LinkedIn Learning staff instructor Scott Simpson structures each challenge in real-world scenarios: a restaurant website that takes reservations and online orders, and a library lending system. After each challenge, Scott shares his own solution. You can see how a professional programmer creates personalized, data-driven documents; handles sign-up data; deletes records; prepares reports; and more.

Topics include:

  • Composing SELECT statements to retrieve data
  • Searching records by date ranges
  • Adding tables to existing databases
  • Adding data to more than one table
  • Updating multiple records simultaneously
  • Generating summary reports
Table of Contents

1 SQL Code Challenges
2 Create invitations for a party
3 Create a table to store information
4 Print a menu
5 Sign a customer up for your loyalty program
6 Update a customer’s personal information
7 Remove a customer’s record
8 Log customer responses
9 Look up reservations
10 Take a reservation
11 Take a delivery order
12 Track your customer’s favorite dishes
13 Prepare a report of your top five customers
14 Add new books to the library
15 Run a report to see what books are due back
16 Check out books
17 Check for books due back
18 Return books to the library
19 Encourage patrons to check out books
20 Find books to feature for an event
21 Book statistics