Spring MVC: Designing Real-World Web Applications

Spring MVC: Designing Real-World Web Applications

English | 2016 | ISBN: 978-1-78712-639-8 | 944 Pages | EPUB, MOBI, PDF (conv) | 33 MB

Unleash the power of Spring MVC and build enterprise-grade, lightning-fast web applications
Spring MVC helps you build flexible and loosely coupled web applications. The Spring MVC Framework is designed in such a way that every piece of logic and functionality is highly configurable. This Learning Path aims to make you an expert in designing web applications with Spring MVC 4.
In our first module, we’ll begin with an introduction to the Spring framework. You’ll then learn aspect-oriented programming. Packed with real-world examples, you’ll get an insight into how you can use Spring Expression Language in your applications to make them easier to manage and maintain.
In the second module, you’ll learn everything you need to build modern Spring-based enterprise web applications. From practical development techniques and useful tools from the wider Spring ecosystem, to the new JEE standards, the impact of JavaScript, and even the Internet of Things, you’ll feel confident that you can deploy Spring for an impressive range of creative purposes.
In the final module, you’ll find out how to take advantage of Spring MVC’s advanced features – essential if you are to properly master the framework. To do this you’ll investigate the inner mechanics of Spring MVC, and how they tie into to the broader principles that inform many modern web architectures. With further guidance on how to test, secure, and optimize your application, as well as designing RESTful services, you’ll very quickly be ready to use Spring in your next web project.
This Learning Path combines some of the best that Packt has to offer in one complete, curated package. It includes content from the following Packt products:

  • Spring Essentials by Shameer Kunjumohamed, Hamidreza Sattari
  • Spring MVC Cookbook by Alex Bretet
  • Mastering Spring MVC 4 by Geoffroy Warin

What You Will Learn

  • Set up and build standalone and web-based projects using Spring Framework with Maven or Gradle
  • Develop RESTful API applications for XML and JSON data transfers
  • Investigate Spring data access mechanisms with Spring Data Repositories
  • Generate templates for a responsive and powerful front end with AngularJS and Bootstrap
  • Authenticate over REST with a BASIC authentication scheme and OAuth2; handle roles and permissions
  • Communicate through WebSocket and STOMP messages
  • Design complex advanced-level forms and validate the model
  • Create maintainable unit and acceptance tests to secure the apps
  • Deploy the web application to the cloud in a snap

This Learning Path is for Java developers who want to exploit Spring MVC and its features to build web applications. It will help you step up in your career and stay up to date or learn more about Spring’s web scalability.