Spring Boot and Kotlin LiveLessons

Spring Boot and Kotlin LiveLessons
Spring Boot and Kotlin LiveLessons
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Spring Boot, the convention-over-configuration–centric framework from the Spring team, marries Spring’s flexibility with conventional common sense to make application development on the JVM not just fly, but fun! Kotlin, the productivity-focused language from our friends at JetBrains, takes up the slack to make the experience of programming cleaner and even more pleasant! It is a prolific programming language that has become very popular on the JVM, the second most popular JVM language after Java.

The Spring and Kotlin teams have worked hard to make sure that Kotlin and Spring are a first-class experience for all developers trying to get to production faster and safer.

This course discusses Kotlin and how it can be integrated into everyday Spring applications.

Learn How To

  • Build a simple application with Kotlin and Spring
  • Learn how Spring becomes richer with the Kotlin language, and how Kotlin becomes richer with Spring
  • Full-stack Kotlin
  • Functional Spring

Lesson 1, “Kotlin Everywhere,” examines the Kotlin ecosystem and analyzes how it is used to build not only server-side JVM applications but also Android-based applications, native applications, and so much more. As we look at Kotlin’s application across multiple platforms, you learn that in addition to being an extremely concise language, Kotlin is a very pragmatic and portable language.

Lesson 2, “Kotlin, the Language,” covers the basics of writing Kotlin programs and then moves toward more advanced features, such as extension functions, supporting DSLs, and co-routines.

Lesson 3, “Kotlin as a Better Java,” focuses on how you can use Kotlin with everyday Spring applications. Understand how Kotlin makes existing APIs much more pleasant to use through the facilities its rich ecosystem has to offer.

Lesson 4, “Kotlin DSLs and Spring,” discusses how Kotlin can transform existing concepts in Spring applications to take advantage of new paradigms such as reactive programming, the functional reactive DSL for HTTP endpoints, and Spring Cloud Gateway. The lesson ends by stringing all these ideas together in the Kotlin native incubator project, Spring Fu.

Table of Contents

01 Spring Boot and Kotlin – Introduction
02 Learning objectives
03 1.1 How I Learned to Stopped Worrying and Love Kotlin
04 1.2 A Tour of the Ecosystem
05 Learning objectives
06 2.1 Syntax
07 2.2 Coroutines
08 Learning objectives
09 3.1 Motivations
10 3.2 JDBC
11 3.3 Exposed ORM
12 Learning objectives
13 4.1 Motivations
14 4.2 Reactive Web
15 4.3 Gateway
16 4.4 Functional Configuration
17 4.5 Spring Fu
18 Spring Boot and Kotlin – Summary