Selenium WebDriver: Working with Elements

Selenium WebDriver: Working with Elements
Selenium WebDriver: Working with Elements
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Master web element identification, manipulation, and interrogation using Selenium WebDriver

Are you struggling with HTML using Selenium WebDriver? Do you know how to identify an element easily using Selenium WebDriver? Do you know how to manipulate that web element? Do you know to perform a drag and drop on an element? If not, this course will teach you all of this and much more!

This course is a complete guide to working with web elements in Selenium WebDriver. By the end of this course, you’ll have the confidence to work with any web element any time on any web application.


  • Explore the different locator strategies for Selenium WebDriver
  • Identify web elements using Selenium WebDriver
  • Learn web element manipulation and interrogation
  • Understand Implicit and Explicit waits
  • Learn to handle element identification properly to avoid flaky tests
Table of Contents

1 Brief course overview
2 Prerequisites and Resources

Element Identification
3 Element ID section overview
4 Introduction to element identification
5 How to use Chrome for element location
6 How to get absolute XPath and CSS
7 Basic understanding of HTML
8 HTML in the browser
9 Selenium WebDriver location strategies
10 Highlighting all web elements using Selenium
11 FindElement and FindElements methods
12 Quiz on element identification
13 Quiz answer on element identification
14 Which locators are best to use
15 How to evaluate elements at run time
16 Introduction to XPath
17 Forward slash and double forward slash in XPath
18 Asterisk and @ in XPath
19 More about @ and
20 XPath contains() function
21 XPath parent and compound class names
22 How to use multiple attributes in XPath
23 XPath exam
24 XPath exam answers

Navigation, Manipulation, Interrogation with Selenium Webdriver
25 Navigation with Selenium WebDriver
26 Navigation quiz
27 Navigation quiz answer
28 Element manipulation with WebDriver
29 How to fill out a form
30 Quiz on element manipulation
31 Answer to manipulation quiz
32 CurrentWindowHandle, WindowHandles, PageSource, Title
33 Webdriver URL
34 Interrogating IWebElements
35 Learning all IWebElement properties
36 Element interrogation quiz
37 Element interrogation quiz answer
38 Conclusions

Mouse and Keyboard Actions – Introduction
39 What topics will be covered
40 Introduction
41 What are user interactions in Selenium Webdriver
42 What are the different kind of user interactions

Mouse and Keyboard Actions – Drag and Drops
43 How to create an Actions class in Webdriver
44 Analyzing our application under test
45 Writing the drag and drop test
46 Finishing the first drag and drop test
47 Executing the first drag and drop test
48 Starting to write the 2nd drag and drop example
49 Writing a 2nd drag and drop example
50 Running a 2nd drag and drop example
51 Drag and drop quiz question
52 Drag and drop quiz answer

Mouse and Keyboard Actions – Developer Tools, Resize, Draw
53 How to do a resize action with selenium webdriver
54 How to open developer tools with selenium webdriver
55 Running a test that opens a network tab in firefox
56 Drag and drop with html 5 quiz question
57 Drag and drop with html 5 answer part 1
58 Drag and drop with html 5 answer part 2
59 How to draw on a canvas with selenium quiz
60 How to draw on a canvas with selenium quiz answer
61 Conclusions
62 What will be covered in the next sections

Implicit and Explicit Waits – Introduction
63 Introduction and pre-reqs
64 Why Synchronization
65 Quiz-Why does our test fail when it runs
66 Answer-Why does our test fail when it runs
67 What kinds of problems can arise as a result of improper sync

Implicit and Explicit Waits – Implicit Waits
68 implicit waits
69 Implicit Waits Quiz
70 Implicit Waits Quiz Answer
71 disadvantage of an implicit wait 2

Implicit and Explicit Waits – Explicit Waits
72 Introduction to Explicit Waits
73 Introduction WebDriverWait Class
74 Another way to create instance of WebDriverWait

Expected Conditions, Default Wait, and Best Practices
75 Understanding the ExpectedConditions class
76 Webdriver timeout exception and quiz
77 Explicit waits quiz answer
78 Do not mix implicit and explicit waits
79 DefaultWait class and quiz
80 DefaultWait class and quiz answer
81 Conclusions