Security Analytics: A Data Centric Approach to Information Security

Security Analytics: A Data Centric Approach to Information Security

English | 2022 | ISBN: 978-1032072418 | 224 Pages | PDF | 33 MB

The book gives a comprehensive overview of security issues in cyber physical systems by examining and analyzing the vulnerabilities. It also brings current understanding of common web vulnerabilities and its analysis while maintaining awareness and knowledge of contemporary standards, practices, procedures and methods of Open Web Application Security Project. This book is a medium to funnel creative energy and develop new skills of hacking and analysis of security and expedites the learning of the basics of investigating crimes, including intrusion from the outside and damaging practices from the inside, how criminals apply across devices, networks, and the internet at large and analysis of security data.


  • Helps to develop an understanding of how to acquire, prepare, visualize security data.
  • Unfolds the unventured sides of the cyber security analytics and helps spread awareness of the new technological boons.
  • Focuses on the analysis of latest development, challenges, ways for detection and mitigation of attacks, advanced technologies, and methodologies in this area.
  • Designs analytical models to help detect malicious behaviour.

The book provides a complete view of data analytics to the readers which include cyber security issues, analysis, threats, vulnerabilities, novel ideas, analysis of latest techniques and technology, mitigation of threats and attacks along with demonstration of practical applications, and is suitable for a wide-ranging audience from graduates to professionals/practitioners and researchers.