Scala Code Challenges

Scala Code Challenges

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Level up your Scala skills in this Code Challenges course with instructor Noel Welsh. Noel provides 15 challenges that cover the language features most used in day-to-day programming, including a palindrome detector, password checker, colored boxes, and calculator. Challenges increase in difficulty level throughout the course, finishing with a challenge to create a rocket ship animation that brings together several elements from the course: defining data, pattern matching, and transformations of data.

Table of Contents

1 Test your Scala skills

2 Palindrome detector
3 Password checker
4 Colored boxes
5 System properties
6 Resistor tolerance
7 Snakes and camels
8 Stuff the stats sheet
9 A slice of Pi
10 Cron and regular expressions
11 Reservoir sampling
12 Evaluate a decision tree
13 Calculator
14 Error handling
15 Sierpinski Triangle
16 Rocketship