Sauce Labs Masterclass: Advanced Test Automation

Sauce Labs Masterclass: Advanced Test Automation
Sauce Labs Masterclass: Advanced Test Automation
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Learn how to scale up your test automation drastically on the world’s best Selenium Grid from Sauce Labs

Explore the world’s most advanced Selenium Grid with the help of the first and only course on Sauce Labs. If you’re struggling to expand your test automation and it’s taking too long to run and maintain your Selenium Grid, Sauce Labs is the answer to all your scaling problems in automation.

You’ll understand how to sign up for a free trial and learn everything you need to know to be able to run endless tests in parallel across multiple browsers and operating systems at the same time. Along the way, you’ll get to grips with the significant features of the impressive Selenium Grid.

By the end of this course, you’ll have developed the skill to run parallel and cross-browser tests and learned how to speed up your test suite execution and maintenance greatly.


  • Discover how to sign up for a free trial of Sauce Labs
  • Execute test automation in parallel using NUnit
  • Configure custom Sauce Labs capabilities
  • Run data-driven cross-browser test automation in Sauce Labs
  • Get to grips with setting test names
  • Understand the advantages and disadvantages of running tests on Sauce Labs
  • Run your Selenium tests on the Sauce Labs cloud
Table of Contents

Getting Started With Sauce Labs
1 Sauce labs promotional video
2 Prerequisites
3 Syllabus for Sauce Labs
4 Advantages of Sauce Labs
5 Disadvantages of Sauce Labs
6 How to sign up for Sauce Labs trial
7 Overview of Sauce Labs dashboard
8 Manual cross-browser testing
9 Tunnels, analytics, and archive tabs
10 Overview of solution

Execution of Tests in Sauce Labs
11 RemoteWebDriver
12 DesiredCapabilities
13 How to find Sauce Labs account info
14 How to run tests
15 How to analyze tests in Sauce Labs
16 Sauce Labs Timeouts
17 Quiz on Sauce Labs concepts
18 Quiz answer on Sauce concepts

Introduction to Sauce Labs Advanced topics
19 Overview of new project layout

Parallelization and cross browser testing
20 How to run tests in parallel
21 How to set level of parallelism
22 Layout of data driven tests
23 How to do data driven cross browser testing in sauce labs
24 How to configure mobile automation in sauce labs

Configuration and analytics
25 How to set test names, status, log steps in sauce labs
26 Sauce labs test insights
27 Sauce analytics trends
28 Exam on sauce concepts
29 Exam answer on sauce concepts