Salesforce Apex Fundamentals for Beginners: Believe in Apex

Salesforce Apex Fundamentals for Beginners: Believe in Apex

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Learn Salesforce development with projects and exercises to start your journey to become a Salesforce developer!

  • Learn to write Apex programming with confidence
  • Transform your life and career to become a developer
  • Guided step-by-step programming explanation
  • Exercises, Trailhead, and projects to reinforce learning
  • Beginner friendly, no coding experience required

Apex is the primary programming language for the Salesforce platform and is used in every Salesforce organization.

The average Salesforce developer Salary is over $100k USD, and this is your first step towards a career as a Salesforce developer. The first course in this series will take you from knowing nothing about programming to building an entire application.

This course is designed to help give you the building blocks to become a true Salesforce developer. Only teaching you the most important elements of programming to get you up and running quickly.

You will practice what you have learned through trailhead modules, exercises, and projects. Starting from the simplest variables creation all the way to creating a fully working application that can be deployed into an org.

Learning development is not just for a developer but it is applicable to any role in the Salesforce ecosystem. Coding concepts can help you write better formulas, reports, flows, automation, and much more. Be confident in conversation with developers and architects. This material will take you from zero to hero.

What you’ll learn

  • Fundamentals of Salesforce Apex Programming
  • What Salesforce programming is and where to start
  • Hands on projects and exercises
  • How to use variables and data types
  • Arithmetic operators and order of operations
  • Controls flow, like if statements and loops
  • Basics of functions and methods
  • Apex unit tests and deployment
Table of Contents

Welcome to Apex Fundamentals
1 Welcome and Introduction
2 What to Expect
3 Resources (Bookmarks, Community, Helpful Sites)

Introduction to Programming
4 Section Overview Introduction to Programming
5 What is Programming
6 Programming Terminology
7 How Programs Run
8 Section Summary Introduction to Programming

Getting Started with Salesforce Development
9 Section Overview Getting Started with Salesforce Programming
10 Using Trailhead and Creating a Playground Org
11 Environment Setup
12 Using the Developer Console and Writing Our First Program
13 Trailhead Modules 1

Variables and Data Types
14 Section Overview – Variables and Data Types
15 Variables
16 Data Types
17 Variables, String, and Integers
18 Decimals, Booleans, and Doubles
19 Comments and Dates
20 Collections
21 Trailhead Modules 2

22 Section Overview Operators
23 Operators
24 Order of Operations
25 Stuck on coding problem Here’s how to get help
26 Section Summary Variables, Data Types, and Operators
27 Trailhead Modules 3
28 Exercise 1 Variables, Data Types, Operators
29 Project Part 1 Invoice Generation – Overview
30 How to Run the Invoice Generator
31 Project Part 1 Invoice Generation – Solution

Control Flows
32 Section Overview Control Flows
33 Logic Operators
34 Working with Logical Operators
35 Flow Control
36 If and Else If Statements
37 If Statement and Scoping
38 Repeating Code
39 Types of Loops
40 For Loop Simple Traditional Loop
41 For Loop Decreasing Years
42 For Loop List Iteration
43 Trailhead Modules 4
44 Exercise 2 If Statements, Loops
45 Project Part 2 Calculate Hourly Rates – Overview
46 Project Part 2 Calculate Hourly Rates – Solutions

Objects, Classes, and Methods
47 Section Overview Objects, Classes, and Methods
48 Classes
49 MethodsFunctions
50 Date Class and Methods
51 Math Class and Random Numbers
52 Functions and Parameters
53 Date Class and Functions
54 String Class
55 Section Summary Objects, Classes, and Methods
56 Exercise 3 Objects, Classes and Methods
57 Project Part 3 Generate Random Rate – Overview
58 Project Part 3 Generate Random Rate – Solutions

Deployment and Things to Learn
59 Section Overview Deployment
60 Deploying Code
61 Project Deployment Complete Invoice Generator and Tests
62 Change Sets and Trailhead Modules 5
63 Section Overview Things to Learn
64 Working with Salesforce Data
65 Custom Salesforce User Interface
66 Debugging
67 Section Summary Deployment and Things to Learn
68 Trailhead Modules 6
69 Congratulations and Thank you!