RPA: Automation Anywhere IQ Bot

RPA: Automation Anywhere IQ Bot
RPA: Automation Anywhere IQ Bot
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Robotic process automation (RPA) is revolutionizing business processes everywhere. So how can you make RPA even better? By adding artificial intelligence (AI) that allows the software to make decisions on its own. Automation Anywhere IQ Bot is cognitive automation software that bridges the gap between traditional RPA and AI. Learn how to implement and succeed with cognitive automation in your organization using IQ Bot. Review the features and benefits of IQ Bot and then see IQ Bot in action, as you review the two case studies included with the course.

Table of Contents

1 Begin your cognitive automation journey

Cognition in Automation
2 Cognition in automation
3 Steps to implement cognitive automation

IQ Bot Concepts and Case Studies
4 Introduction to IQ Bot
5 IQ Bot mechanism

IQ Bot in Action
6 IQ Bot portal UI
7 Use case 1 Purchase orders
8 Use case 2 Invoices
9 Best practices