Real SQL Queries: 50 Challenges

Real SQL Queries: 50 Challenges

English | 2015 | ISBN: 978-1517290702 | 100 Pages | EPUB, AZW3 | 10 MB

Sharpen your SQL Skill with Real-World Practice.
Queries improve when challenges are authentic. This book sets your learning on the fast track with realistic problems to solve. Topics span sales, marketing, human resources, purchasing, and production. Real SQL Queries: 50 Challenges is perfect for analysts, report writers, or anyone searching for a hands-on approach to learning SQL Server.
Why this Book?

  • Get Started Quickly. All challenges are based on AdventureWorks2012, Microsoft’s universally-accessible sample database. AdventureWorks is free to download and intuitive to explore.
  • Solve Real Problems. Studying concepts is useful, but nothing accelerates skill faster than a hands-on, problem-solution approach.
  • Learn by Example. Every challenge includes a fully documented solution.
  • Lots of Helping Hands. Not sure how to begin? Each question includes a hint to set you in the right direction.
  • Something for Everyone. Difficulty varies from challenge to challenge; it’s truly a mixed bag.
  • Freshen your Technique. Solutions exhibit a wide range of functions and approaches, so you’re sure to find something new.
  • Your Teaching Companion. Ready-to-go material for SQL tutors, trainers, and college professors.

Preview of Challenges to Solve:

  • Year over Year Comparisons: An executive requests data concerning fiscal quarter sales by salesperson. She’d like to see comparisons from the fiscal quarters of 2008 to the same fiscal quarters of 2007.
  • Ten Million Dollar Benchmark: Ten million dollars of revenue is a common benchmark for Adventure Works. For each fiscal year (2007 and 2008) find the first dates when the cumulative running revenue total hit $10 million.
  • Expired Credit Cards: The Accounting department found instances where expired credit cards were used with sales orders. You are asked examine all credit cards and report the extent of such activity.
  • The Mentors: The Vice President of Sales wants the five most successful sales people to mentor the five least successful sales people. Create a list of sales people to match with one another.
  • Online/Offline: Create a summary table that shows, by territory, the percentage of orders placed online in comparison to orders not placed online.

Solutions to challenge questions available for download. Details inside.