React Query – Essentials

React Query – Essentials
React Query – Essentials
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The official and exclusive guide to mastering server-state in your applications, straight from the original creator and maintainer of the library.

What will I learn?
In this course, you will learn how to wield React Query as your go-to weapon of choice for defeating and overcoming the challenges and hurdles of server state. You will learn to control your asynchronous data in your apps before it starts to control you.

At the end of this course, you will:

Have a better understanding of server-state and its unique challenges, patterns and how to solve for them
Be a master of caching, and have the tools and knowledge to configure it, instead of implementing it by hand yourself.
Know the entire core React Query API and how to pragmatically use all of it’s unique features in your applications

React Query and the concepts you learn will help you:

Remove many lines of complicated and misunderstood data fetching code from your application and replace them with just a handful of lines of React Query logic.
Make your application more maintainable and easier to build new features without worrying about wiring up new server state data sources
Have a direct impact on your end-users by making your application feel faster and more responsive than ever before.

Table of Contents

1 Installing React Query
2 Basic Queries
3 Query Loading State
4 Query Error State
5 React Query Devtools
6 Automatically Refetching Queries on Window Focus
7 Query Refetching Indicators
8 Configuring Query Stale Time
9 Configuring Query Cache Time
10 Query Keys and Caching
11 Using Custom Hooks to Share and Reuse Queries
12 Parallel Queries
13 Using Props and State in Queries
14 Disabling Queries
15 Multi-part Query Keys
16 Automatic Query Retries
17 Query Cancellation
18 Dependent Queries
19 Supplying a Query with Initial Data
20 Marking Initial Query data as Stale
21 Querying Related Lists and Items
22 Seeding Initial Query Data from Other Queries
23 Using Query Data to Seed Future Queries
24 Query Side-Effects
25 Scroll Restoration
26 Query Polling with Refetch Intervals
27 Query Invalidation Basics
28 Invalidating Without Refetching Active Queries
29 Invalidating & Refetching Inactive Queries
30 Invalidating Multiple Queries with Similar Query Keys
31 Basic query prefetching
32 Hover-based query prefetching
33 Prefetching & Stale Time
34 Forced Prefetching
35 Mutations Overview
36 Mutations with the useMutation Hook
37 Mutation Side-Effects
38 Updating Query Data with Mutation Responses
39 Optimistic Updates for List-Like Queries
40 Rollbacks for List-Like Queries
41 Optimistic Updates for Single Entity Queries
42 Rollbacks for Single Entity Queries
43 Paginated Queries
44 Prefetching Paginated Queries
45 Infinite Queries
46 Using React Query with Next.js (Part 1)
47 Using React Query with Next.js (Part 2)