React: Accessibility

React: Accessibility
React: Accessibility
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Perhaps the greatest thing about the world wide web is that it makes so much information available to so many people. However, is this available information accessible to everyone? In this course, Kiara Contreras illustrates why accessibility is important and why it’s necessary to focus on it when you build single-page applications with React, one of the most popular JavaScript front-end frameworks. Kiara covers important topics like testing your application to ensure optimal accessibility, practicing using semantic HTML, updating elements to include focus control, and ensuring mouse events are available through the keyboard. Throughout the course, Kiara stresses the importance of keeping in mind the diversity of your users when building websites, and that creating an accessible website allows for a better experience for more people.

Table of Contents

1 Accessibility in React
2 The need for accessibility
3 Semantic HTML The foundation of web accessibility
4 Semantic React tags
5 Managing keyboard focus in React components
6 Skipping page content
7 Challenge Implementing focus and skipping content
8 Solution Implementing focus and skipping content
9 Accessibility issues with mouse and pointer events
10 How to ensure events are accessible by keyboard
11 Why test your work
12 Testing accessibility with your keyboard
13 Using browser features for testing
14 Testing with a screen reader
15 Resources for web accessibility guidelines