Python Programming Bootcamp

Python Programming Bootcamp
Python Programming Bootcamp
English | MP4 | AVC 1280×720 | AAC 44KHz 2ch | 23.5 Hours | 11.4 GB

A Complete Python Course Focused on Problem Solving that will Expand into All Python Can Do

Course Focused on Teaching How to Solve Problems

Do you want to develop the skills required to solve real world programming problems? This course will turn you into a real Python programmer that has a complete understanding of everything Python can do!

Most tutorials are just video versions of cheat sheets. This course is different. It teaches you how to solve problems like you will have to do in the real world. It does that by making you solve ever increasingly complex problems.

Don’t worry. I will be there to help along the way. I work through the solutions and also provide heavily commented code and quizzes that will turn you into a Python Master!

This course provides numerous problems followed their solutions while teaching the core language through database, GUI and soon web development.

Start Slow and Aim to Learn Everything

We start by installing Python on Windows and MacOS. The core language will then be taught. Between each main lesson I’ll break down the solutions through diagrams.

This is a living breathing tutorial! I’ll be adding more on Algorithms, Data Structures, PyQt, Django, Flask, Data Analysis, Scikit-learn, TensorFlow and More!

What You’ll Learn

  • Learn the Core Python 3 Language at a Deep Level
  • Learn how to Solve Real Programming Problems with a Focus on Teaching Problem Solving Skills
  • Understand Python as an Object Oriented and Functional Programming Language
  • Create GUI Applications using TkInter, Kivy and soon PyQt
  • Create Applications that Utilize Databases
  • We will Expand into Algorithms, Django, Flask and Machine Learning
  • A Living Breathing Course that will Grow with You
  • Instructor has 26 Years of Professional Experience and a Decade of Experience Making Educational Videos
Table of Contents

1 Course Overview
2 Your Instructor
3 How to Use this Course
4 Why Learn Python

5 Install Python on Windows
6 Install Python on MacOS

Variables Data Types Casting
7 Variables Data Types Casting

User Input & Math Functions
8 User Input & Math Functions

Conditional Operators
9 Conditional Operators

For and Range
10 For and Range

While Break Continue
11 While Break Continue

Exception Handling & Accurate Floats
12 Exception Handling & Accurate Floats

13 Strings

More String Functions
14 More String Functions

15 Functions

Functions 2
16 Functions 2

17 Lists

Lists 2
18 Lists 2

19 Dictionaries

Recursive Functions
20 Recursive Functions

File IO & Tuples
21 File IO & Tuples

Classes & Objects
22 Classes & Objects

Simulating a Fight with Objects
23 Simulating a Fight with Objects

Inheritance and Polymorphism
24 Inheritance and Polymorphism

Magic Methods
25 Magic Methods

Static and Modules
26 Static and Modules

Custom Exceptions
27 Custom Exceptions

Functions as Objects
28 Functions as Objects

Anonymous Functions and More
29 Anonymous Functions and More

30 Iterables

List Comprehensions Generators
31 List Comprehensions Generators

32 Threads

Regular Expressions
33 Regular Expressions Introduction

Regular Expressions 2
34 Regular Expressions Matching Data

Regular Expressions 3
35 Regular Expressions Greedy & Lazy Matching

Regular Expressions 4 & 5
36 Regular Expressions Boundries & Subexpressions
37 Regular Expressions Back References, Look AheadBehind

Regular Expressions 6
38 Regular Expressions Groups & Builtin Functions

Install SQLite3 on Windows & MacOS
39 Install SQLite3 on Windows
40 Install SQLite3 on MacOS

SQLite3 Tutorial
41 SQLite3 Tutorial Keys, Tables, Working with Data
42 SQLite3 Tutorial SQL & Update Tables
43 SQLite3 Tutorial Joins & Working with Multiple Tables
44 SQLite3 Tutorial Views, Triggers, Built-in Functions

Python and SQLite3
45 Python & SQLite3 Tutorial

Python Tkinter Tutorial
46 Install Tkinter on Windows
47 Tkinter Text Editor Text Styling
48 Tkinter Text Editor Toolbar & Images
49 Make a Tkinter Paint App
50 Tkinter Paint App Menubar & More
51 Tkinter Paint App Events, Pencil & Color Picker
52 Tkinter Paint App Line, Oval, Arc, Rectangle and Text
53 Tkinter Paint App Save Load Images & Finish App
54 Install Tkinter on MacOS
55 Python Tkinter Tutorial Events, Managers, Widgets
56 Tkinter Label, Entry, Buttons, Combo Boxes
57 Make a Tkinter Calculator
58 Finish the Tkinter Calculator
59 Tkinter Menu Bars, Message Boxes & More
60 Make a Tkinter Text Editor

Python MySQL Tutorial
61 Setup MySQL and Python on Windows
62 Setup MySQL for Python MacOS
63 Create MySQL Database Windows
64 Create MySQL Database MacOS
65 Python & MySQL 1 Inserting
66 Python & MySQL 2 Retrieving Data
67 Python & MySQL 3 Complex Queries
68 Student Database Application
69 Finish the Student Database

Django Tutorial
70 Install Django on Windows
71 Django Testing Our Site
72 Django AddUpdate Articles, CSS Style, Bootstrap, Toolbars
73 Django Delete Articles & Test our Results
74 Django User Authentication & User Signup
75 Django Create a Craig’s List Site
76 Django Style w Bootstrap & Crispy Forms
77 Django User Password Resets & Automated Email
78 Django Models, Images, Pillow
79 Django Item Pages, Templates & More
80 Django Authentication & Finish the Site
81 Install Django on MacOS
82 How Django Works
83 Django App 1 for Windows
84 Django App 1 for MacOS
85 Django Templates, URLBlock Tags, Menus, Tests & More
86 Django Work w Databases, Admin & More
87 Django CSS, Static Files, Update Models, Images & More

Data Structures & Algorithms
88 Data Structures & Algorithms Introduction
89 Binary Trees Creating, Traversing, Searching & More
90 Delete Nodes in Binary Trees
91 Binary Heaps
92 Graph Data Structure & Depth First Search
93 Graph Data Structure & Breadth First Search
94 Minimum Spanning Trees
95 Directed Graphs
96 Tree
97 Data Structures & Algorithms Big-O, Linear Search & Bubble Sort
98 Data Structures & Algorithms Big-O, Binary Search & Quick Sort
99 Stacks & Queues
100 Deques & Linked Lists
101 Hash Tables
102 Resizing Hash Tables & Optimized Prime Algorithm
103 Double Hashing Clustering & More
104 Hashing Strings