Python Practice: Object-Oriented Programming

Python Practice: Object-Oriented Programming

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Python is a popular programming language that can be used to work with data, build applications, and solve problems, on many types of devices. This code challenge with Scott Simpson, Senior Staff Instructor at LinkedIn Learning, is designed to help you test your knowledge of object-oriented programming in Python. The course includes five code challenges that cover the concepts around object-oriented programming. You can build and test your solutions to these challenges in the built-in interactive coding environment without needing any special software. When you finish each challenge, you can watch solution videos to see how they were solved. Are you ready to try out your Python object-oriented programming skills?

This course includes Code Challenges powered by CoderPad. Code Challenges are interactive coding exercises with real-time feedback, so you can get hands-on coding practice alongside the course content to advance your programming skills.

Table of Contents

1 Try your Python programming skills
2 What you should know
3 Exploring the Lab environment

Code Challenges
4 Solution Define a class and create objects
5 Solution Add a method to a class
6 Solution Refactor a class
7 Solution Protect an attribute
8 Solution Compare instances

9 Next steps