Python Essential Libraries

Python Essential Libraries
Python Essential Libraries
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In addition to the Python standard library, there are thousands of third-party modules available to download and use. These libraries expand the power and proficiency of your code. In this course, instructor Joe Marini introduces four essential libraries that every Python developer should consider that address common development challenges. Learn how to format, calculate, and compare dates and times with Pendulum and retrieve remote data with the Requests library, which also offers advanced features such as timeouts and sessions. Then find out how to perform batch file operations, including reading and writing data, and directory operations, such as searching, with PyFilesystem. Finally, discover how to manipulate and edit images with Pillow. Each chapter includes challenges to help you test your newfound Python prowess.

Topics include:

  • Installing and using third-party libraries
  • Creating dates and times with Pendulum
  • Formatting dates with Pendulum
  • Performing HTTP operations with the Requests library
  • Using authentication with the requests library
  • Working with files and directories with PyFilesystem
  • Image processing with Pillow
Table of Contents

1 Power up your Python with libraries
2 What you should know
3 Setting up the development environment
4 Introduction to third-party libraries
5 Overview of pip
6 Introduction to Pendulum
7 Creating dates and times
8 Date formatting
9 Date calculation and comparison
10 Challenge Pendulum
11 Solution Pendulum
12 Introduction to the Requests library
13 Creating basic requests
14 Working with responses
15 Using authentication
16 Advanced features
17 Overview of PyFilesystem
18 Working with files
19 Working with directories
20 Walking a file system
21 Challenge PyFilesystem
22 Solution PyFilesystem
23 Introduction to Pillow
24 Basic image operations
25 Image manipulation
26 Editing images
27 Challenge Pillow
28 Solution Pillow
29 Next steps