Python Automation: Automate Mundane Tasks with Python

Python Automation: Automate Mundane Tasks with Python
Python Automation: Automate Mundane Tasks with Python
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Save time and effort by automating your everyday tasks using Python

Be it at your workplace or home, you end up spending a considerable amount of time every day on mundane and repetitive tasks. Imagine all the time you’d be saving if these tasks were automated. This course will help you do just that!

With this course, you’ll learn how to automate your Excel, Word, and PDF tasks using different Python programming scripts. You’ll explore the openpyxl library, python-docx, and the PyPDF2 library with practical demonstrations.

By the end of the course, you’ll have developed an understanding of how automation works and be skilled to automate your tasks confidently.


  • Learn how to import Excel workbooks in Python
  • Learn how to create and delete worksheets
  • Read and write individual Shells in worksheets
  • Manipulate the Excel functionality with automation
  • Add images, formulas, and charts in Excel through programming
  • Manipulate Microsoft Word files with the docx-python module and read, parse, and write PDF files from Python PyPDF2
  • Delve into web scraping with the Python Beautiful Soup library
  • Understand how to read and write file and file path
Table of Contents

1 Introduction
2 Download and install anaconda
3 Conda virtual environment
4 Getting started with Jupyter notebook
5 Install standalone Python and IDLE
6 Write and Run Python Code
7 Numbers & Math operators
8 Variables and Datatypes
9 Dynamic Typing in Python
10 String
11 Boolean variable and conditional logic
12 List
13 List Comprehensions
14 Dictionary
15 Sets and Tuples
16 Looping in Python
17 Function – I
18 Function – II
19 Lambda Expression
20 Introduction
21 What is Module and why require
22 Create custom module – 1
23 Create Python module – 2 – From command line
24 Different ways of importing module
25 External module
26 Load excel workbook in python
27 Read Worksheet
28 Create, Delete Worksheet
29 Properties of Worksheet
30 Read cells, rows and columns of worksheet
31 Write, modify cell of worksheet
32 Add Excel formula to cell
33 Add image to cell
34 Add Bar chart to worksheet
35 Merge and unmerge cell
36 Add filter on column
37 Read .pdf file
38 Create and Write to .pdf file
39 Introduction – Web Scraping
40 What is Web Scraping
41 Web Scraping Process
42 Search Element by TagName and TagByClass
43 Problem
44 Solution
45 Send Email – SMTP Python Library
46 Read Email – IMAP Python library
47 Files and Folders – 1
48 Files and Folders – 2
49 File Reading and writing
50 Copying, moving files
51 Types of error
52 Handling exception
53 Raise exception and cleaning
54 Control browser through selenium
55 String search without Regular expression
56 Getting started with Regular expression
57 Pipe and repetition of character
58 FindAll & Character class
59 Play with Mouse from Python
60 Play with Keyboard from Python