Prometheus MasterClass : DevOps Infra Monitoring & Alerting

Prometheus MasterClass : DevOps Infra Monitoring & Alerting

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Learn Prometheus & Grafana from BASIC to ADVANCE level. Complete Prometheus Guide to Master DevOps Infra Monitoring

“Prometheus is an open-source tool used for event monitoring and alerting.”

We learn the basics of Prometheus so that you can get started as soon as possible, and to follow the exercises, try them out for yourself and you can see them working.

In this course, we will quickly build a bare-bones Prometheus server from scratch, in the cloud, and on your own Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.

What’s included in the course?

  • Complete Prometheus concepts explained from Scratch to ADVANCE with Real-Time implementation.
  • Each and every Prometheus concept is explained with HANDS-ON examples.
  • Includes each and every, even thin detail of Prometheus.
  • For every concept, first, we will cover its theoretical stuff, followed by its running example.
  • Include even those concepts, the explanation to which is not very clear even in Prometheus’ Official Documentation.


  • In-and-out of Functions, Operators, Clauses, etc, in Prometheus Query Language (PromQL).
  • Instrument the Python or Go applications to expose custom metrics with Client Libraries.
  • Dynamically add or remove scrape targets using Service Discovery.
  • Recording Rules.
  • Monitor the Amazon Cloud (AWS) with Prometheus.
  • Creating an end-to-end Routing Tree for Alerting systems.
  • *Exclusive*- Create your own Custom Exporter
  • Integration with many Alert Notifiers – Gmail, PagerDuty, Slack.
  • How to scrape from batch jobs using Pushgateway.
  • Build monitoring & alerting design pattern of a Real-Time case study using Prometheus.
  • Build value-added dashboards with GRAFANA.
  • Learn Best practices / Do’s & Don’t to follow while monitoring Real-Time DevOps Projects.

After completing this course, you can start working on any Prometheus project with full confidence.

What you’ll learn

  • Learn Full In & Out of Prometheus toolkit with proper HANDS-ON examples from scratch.
  • Start with the implementation of Prometheus core concepts – Architecture, Installation, PromQL, Exporters, Functions, Operators, etc.
  • Using Grafana to Visualize Prometheus Metrics.
  • Create custom metrics from complicated queries and save them as Recording Rules
  • Pushgateway, Service Discovery, Recording Rules, Routing Trees, Create Custom Exporter, HTTP API, and many more…
Table of Contents

Prometheus MasterClass Introduction
1 Course Introduction
2 Why Prometheus
3 Terminology of Prometheus
4 Download Course Source Code From GIT
5 Prometheus Architecture Overview

How Prometheus Works
6 DevOps LifeCycle and Monitoring
7 Push Vs Pull Methods

Prometheus Installation And SetUp
8 Prometheus Installation and Playground
9 Create Cloud Machine for Installation
10 $100 Digital Ocean Referral Link
11 Installing Prometheus Server
12 Understanding of Prometheus User Interface
13 Understanding of Prometheus Configuration File
14 Run Prometheus in BackGround

Exporters in Prometheus
15 Exporters Overview
16 Node Exporter – Linux Monitoring System
17 WMI Exporter – Windows Monitoring System

Application Instrumentation – Client Library Metrics Guidelines
18 Client Libraries and Metric Type
19 SetUp Python Application For instrumentation
20 Exposing Metrics using Client Libs
21 Monitor Application using Prometheus
22 Expose Counter Metrics
23 Adding Labels to Exposed Metrics
24 Expose Gauge Metrics
25 Expose Summy Metrics
26 Expose Histogram Metrics

Application Instrumentation Docker Environment
27 Create a Machine For Docker Application Execution
28 Adding Instrumentation in Docker Application
29 Create Docker Image and Execute Application in Container
30 Monitor Docker Application in Prometheus

Application Instrumentation – Instrument GO Application
31 SetUp GO Application
32 Expose Counter Metric on GO App
33 Expose Gauge Metric on GO App
34 Expose Summary Metric on GO App
35 Expose Histogram Metric on GO App

Quantification of Instrumentation
36 What to Instrument

Prometheus Query Language – PromQL
37 Datatypes in PromQL
38 Selectors and Matchers in PromQL
39 Binary Operator
40 Groupers in PromQL
41 Aggregation operators
42 PromQL Functions – Part 1
43 PromQL Functions – Part 2

Recording Rules in Prometheus
44 What is Recording Rule
45 Reload Prometheus Config at Runtime
46 Writing Recording Rules
47 Writing Recording Rules Part 2
48 Add Multiple Rules

Alerting Rules in Prometheus
49 What is Alerting
50 Writing and Firing the Alert
51 Avoid False Alerts in System
52 Add Labels on Alerts
53 Installing Alert Manager
54 Adding Alert Notifier – GMAIL
55 Create GMAIL App Password
56 Sending Alert Notification – GMAIL
57 Send Additional Information in Alert

Creating Routing Tree for Alerts
58 Why do you need Routing Tree
59 Understanding Routing Tree Use-Case
60 Prepare Alerting Rules
61 Implementing the Routing Tree – 1
62 Implementing the Routing Tree – 2
63 Implementing the Routing Tree – 3
64 Run Routing Tree Alerts
65 Grouping Alerts
66 Silencing the Alerts
67 Send Alerts to Multiple StakeHolders

BlackBox Exporter in Prometheus
68 What is BlackBox Exporter
69 Download and Configure BlackBox Exporter
70 HTTP Probe Module I
71 HTTP Probe Module II
72 HTTP Probe Module III
73 TCP Probe Module
74 DNS Probe Module
75 Scrape Target From Blackbox
76 Relabelling in Prometheus

Service Discovery in Prometheus
77 Service Discovery Introduction
78 File Bases Service Discovery

79 Thank You and Bonus Note