Project Management Foundations: Integration

Project Management Foundations: Integration
Project Management Foundations: Integration
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In order to keep a project on track from kickoff to completion, it’s critical that you have a mastery of integration management. Project Integration Management ensures all processes in a project run smoothly, and results in a properly synchronized series of deliverables such as the project charter and plan. In this course, Oliver Yarbrough details how to properly approach Project Integration Management, providing project managers with tactical knowledge on how to successfully integrate all the components of a project. Along the way, Oliver goes over each of the key processes in the Project Integration Management Knowledge Area; shares best practices for managing project constraints and facilitating interactions; and acquaints you with emerging trends, including artificial intelligence.

Topics include:

  • How process flows affect integration management
  • Project Integration Management processes
  • Developing the project charter and project management plan
  • Monitoring and controlling project work
  • Closing a project or phase
  • Tailoring integration management to your projects
  • Managing project constraints
  • Closing project deliverables
  • Emerging trends for integrating self-directed teams and artificial intelligence
Table of Contents

1 Integrate processes as you PM
2 Define integration management
3 Importance of integration management
4 Key integration management concepts
5 Understanding process flows
6 Develop Project Charter
7 Develop Project Management Plan
8 Direct and Manage Project Work
9 Manage Project Knowledge
10 Monitor and Control Project Work
11 Perform Integrated Change Control
12 Close Project or Phase
13 Tailor integration management
14 Manage project constraints
15 Facilitate project interactions
16 Close project deliverables
17 Document lessons learned
18 Integrate self-directed teams
19 Integrate hybrid methodologies
20 Integrate artificial intelligence
21 Next steps