Programming Foundations: APIs and Web Services

Programming Foundations: APIs and Web Services
Programming Foundations: APIs and Web Services
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Web services have been at the core of modern application architectures for many years. Regardless of what language or platform a developer is using, grasping how web services work and how to implement them are critical skills. In this course, instructor Kesha Williams steps through how to work with several popular technologies to build web services. Kesha begins by laying the groundwork for the course, explaining what web services are and the benefits they provide. She then offers a comparison of several popular web service technologies—REST, SOAP, and GraphQL—describing each technology’s messaging formats in detail, along with examples of coding in several languages using a variety of server- and client-based implementations. Plus, get coding excerpts in Java, Python, and Swift.

Topics include:

  • What is a web service?
  • Securing web services
  • Consuming and creating a RESTful API
  • Documenting an API
  • Creating a web service
  • Consuming a SOAP web service
  • Developing APIs using GraphQL
Table of Contents

1 Communicate on the web using services
2 What you should know

Understanding Web Services
3 Web services overview
4 Advantages of web services
5 Considerations of web services
6 Secure web services
7 Web services APIs and microservices

Using RESTful APIs and HATEOAS
8 REST overview
9 Benefits of REST
10 HATEOAS overview
11 Consume a RESTful API
12 Consume a RESTful API via Postman
13 Create a RESTful API
14 Document an API

Using SOAP-Based Web Services
15 SOAP overview
16 History and future of SOAP
17 Consume a SOAP web service
18 Consume a SOAP web service via SoapUI
19 Create a web service

Developing APIs Using GraphQL
20 GraphQL overview
21 The structure of GraphQL queries
22 Consume a GraphQL API
23 Create an API with GraphQL

24 Next steps