PowerShell and Regular Expressions

PowerShell and Regular Expressions
PowerShell and Regular Expressions
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If you are a PowerShell Pro who needs to know what regular expressions are and how to take advantage of them in PowerShell, then this course is for you. Learn the regex fundamentals, from matching, splitting, replacing, to turning text into objects.

Many IT Pros, at least those from the Windows world, think regular expressions are hard, or don’t know why they might want to use them. Why bother learning and using them in your PowerShell scripting or even at a console prompt? In this course, PowerShell and Regular Expressions, you will learn the key regular expression concepts and techniques that you can immediately put to use in PowerShell. You don’t need to know and learn everything about regular expressions, just enough to get started. First, you will discover the basic syntax to create a regular expression pattern. Next, you will learn how to use these patterns in PowerShell. Finally, you will explore how to incorporate regular expressions into your PowerShell scripting. When you are finished with this course, you should have a better understanding of how regular expressions work, how to build them, and how to use them in PowerShell to make you not only a better scripter, but also a better IT professional.

Table of Contents

Course Overview
1 Course Overview

2 Course Scenario and Objectives
3 Lab Setup
4 Resources
5 Module Summary

What Is a Regular Expression and Why Should I Care-
6 What Is a Regular Expression-
7 Regular Expression Elements
8 Some Practical Use Cases
9 Floating and Anchoring
10 Demonstration- Designing Regular Expression Patterns
11 Summary

Building Regular Expression Commands
12 Regular Expression Operators- Like
13 Regular Expression Operators- Match
14 Managing Case and Drift
15 Using ValidatePattern
16 Using Switch
17 Using Select String
18 Using Select String Context
19 Summary

Building Advanced Regular Expression Commands with the Regex Object
20 Meet [Regex]
21 Demonstration- Matching with [Regex]
22 Demonstration- Splitting with [Regex]
23 Demonstration- Splitting String Choices
24 Demonstration- A Practical Splitting
25 Demonstration- Replacing with [Regex]
26 Demonstration- A Practical Replacement Proof of Concept
27 Demonstration- A Practical Replacement
28 Demonstration- Options with [Regex]
29 Summary

Parsing with PowerShell and Regular Expressions
30 Optional Matches
31 Named Captures
32 Look Ahead
33 Look Behind
34 Demonstration- Using Optional Captures
35 Demonstration- Using Named Captures
36 Demonstration- Using Look Arounds
37 Demonstration- Scripting with Regular Expressions
38 Summary

Discovering More with PowerShell and Regular Expressions
39 The Regular Expression Big Picture
40 Your Next Steps with PowerShell and Regular Expressions
41 Additional Learning Resources
42 Key Course Takeaways