PHP for Non-Programmers

PHP for Non-Programmers

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PHP is one of the most popular languages for creating dynamic websites and controlling user interactions. Sites like WordPress, Wikipedia, and Facebook use PHP, and about 80% of all websites use at least some PHP. Having a command of PHP is a great tool to have, and will give you the skills needed to develop and maintain dynamic, interactive websites. But what if you’ve never coded before? This course with Joe Casabona is aimed at giving non-programmers the knowledge needed to get started using PHP. Joe covers the basics: variables, output, control structures, and accepting input without the need to build a website. He also provides chapter quizzes so you can test your skills as you go, along with two different projects to work on so you can apply what you’ve learned. If you’re feeling like you’ve got a grasp of the basics by the end of the course, Joe wraps up with a look at a few advanced PHP topics.

Table of Contents

1 What to expect from this course
2 How we use PHP
3 Your first line of code

PHP Basics
4 Printing information
5 What are variables
6 Numbers Ints and floats
7 Working with strings
8 Dealing with quotes and other special characters
9 Using arrays
10 Accepting input

Performing Tasks
11 Math in PHP
12 Comparing variables and values
13 Combining comparisons
14 Decision-making and determining what do to
15 Performing a task more than once

Project 1 Flipping a Coin
16 Requirements What the game should do
17 Creating the basic functionality Flipping a coin once
18 Allowing for multiple flips

Creating Repeatable Code
19 What are functions
20 Using built-in PHP functions
21 Writing your own functions

Project 2 Text Analyzer
22 What the analyzer should do
23 Writing your functions first
24 Creating the main driver
25 On refining the code

PHP Advanced Topics
26 Using PHP with webpages
27 Output Printing with HTML
28 Input Getting input from forms

29 Next steps