MySQL Installation and Configuration

MySQL Installation and Configuration
MySQL Installation and Configuration
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Whether you’re a developer, a database analyst, or just someone looking to manage data for their small business, having the ability to install and configure MySQL is a professional asset. In this course, join instructor Bill Weinman as he steps through how to install and configure MySQL on various platforms. Bill shows how to install MySQL on a Mac, as well as machines running Windows and Ubuntu Linux. He demonstrates how to create user accounts, assign database access privileges, and manage passwords. Plus, he goes over the different storage engine options in MySQL, including InnoDB.

Topics include:

  • Installing MySQL on macOS, Windows, and Linux
  • Installing MySQL Workbench
  • Importing SQL data into MySQL
  • Creating user accounts
  • Managing roles
  • Implementing storage engines
  • Creating a new database
Table of Contents

1 Demystifying the server
2 A brief history of MySQL
3 Installing MySQL on a Mac
4 Installing MySQL Workbench on a Mac
5 Installing MySQL on Windows
6 Running MySQL Workbench on Windows
7 Installing MySQL on Ubuntu Linux
8 Install MySQL Workbench on Ubuntu
9 Installing some example databases
10 Creating user accounts
11 Hostnames and wildcards
12 Database access privileges
13 Access roles
14 Password expiration
15 MySQL storage engines overview
16 The CREATE TABLE statement
17 InnoDB
20 Thank you