Multi-Criteria Decision Making Theory and Applications in Sustainable Healthcare

Multi-Criteria Decision Making Theory and Applications in Sustainable Healthcare

English | 2023 | ISBN: 978-1032380933 | 300 Pages | PDF | 55 MB

Multi-Criteria Decision Making Theory and Applications in Sustainable Healthcare, 1st Edition, is an excellent compilation of current and advanced Multi-Criteria Decision Making (MCDM) techniques and their applications to multiple recent and innovative healthcare analytics problems. The healthcare business has expanded rapidly in recent years, and one of the top priorities in the sector is now the efficacy and efficiency of the various healthcare delivery systems. The entire performance of hospitals must be improved if the healthcare business wants to see an improvement in both the satisfaction and safety of their patients. Finding the best medical facility among many of its competitors may be difficult since there are so many, and they are so highly diverse in terms of features and performance trade-offs.

This book has brought together the introductory discussions, fundamental concepts, challenges, and insights of multiple advanced healthcare management problems along with the application of MCDM to obtain the best option among multiple alternatives. A few important takeaways from this book are-

  • Developing an Efficient Model for Supplier Performance Evaluation and Selection in Healthcare Industries with Incomplete Information.
  • A Computational Reliance Approach for Assessing Healthcare Service Quality Aspects and their Measurement in an Uncertain Environment.
  • An Efficient and Provable Approach for Recommending Suitable Mobile Healthcare Products under Uncertain Environments.
  • Establishing a Decision-Making Strategy to Select Healthcare Waste Treatment Methods.
  • Assessing the Usability of mHealth Applications in Practice Related to Type 2 Diabetes

The successful outcome of this book will enable a decision-maker or practitioner to pick a suitable MCDM technique when making decisions to prioritize the selection criteria of any healthcare-related problems to ensure a sustainable practice.