Modern IT Automation with PowerShell

Modern IT Automation with PowerShell

English | 2022 | 561 Pages | PDF, EPUB | 16 MB

A PowerShell Textbook written by the community for the community!

Learning about PowerShell Automation Tools and Techniques just got easier!

Influenced by past PowerShell Conference Books, Modern IT Automation with PowerShell aims to provide you with a more academic format, worthy of use as a teaching tool. The book is divided into five domains; each section contains contributions from subject experts within the PowerShell Community. Whether you are a student, just getting started in IT, or a seasoned professional that casually uses PowerShell, you will benefit from reading this book.


Learn the tools and terminology used in a collaborative DevOps setting with practical examples and best practices.


There’s good code, and there’s great code. Learn how to build testable and maintainable PowerShell scripts that are professional grade.

PowerShell in Depth

Dive into advanced topics such as logging, refactoring, and code design. Understand what it takes to build efficient automation and solve complex problems.


From basic to deep dive topics, this section will equip you with enough knowledge to master Regex in PowerShell, no matter the OS platform.


Secure your PowerShell automation through script signing, execution policies, Constrained Language Mode (CLM), and Just Enough Administration (JEA).

All proceeds go to The DevOps Collective On-Ramp Program, providing scholarships to conferences and training for under-represented demographics in IT.