Migrating beyond Java 8

Migrating beyond Java 8

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Discover how to migrate your Java 8 applications to the latest versions of Java. It’s important for developers to plan ahead for the impacts of the new release cadence, licensing models, and support strategies as Java 8 becomes obsolete. This course provides you with tactics and tools for adapting new and existing applications to a newer version of Java. Explore enhanced language and API features in Java 11, 12, 13, and 14—including switch expressions and text blocks for working with multiline strings—and learn how to develop a migration strategy that takes advantage of automated tools. Instructor and Java expert Kevin Bowersox also helps you tackle challenges such as deprecation, removed packages, and third party dependencies that can cause issues when migrating between Java versions. By the end of the course, you should have the skills and knowledge to conduct a seamless migration to the most modern, secure, and performant versions of the Java platform.

Topics include:

  • Understanding the release cadence of Java
  • Choosing a JDK provider
  • New Java language and API features
  • Building a migration strategy
  • Configuring build tools
  • Continuous integration
  • Migration techniques and tools
  • Resolving migration issues
Table of Contents

1 Adapting to new Java releases
2 What you should know

The Evolution of Java
3 A new era of Java
4 Release cadence
5 OpenJDK
6 Choosing a JDK provider

New Language Features
7 IDE setup
8 Java 11 language and API features
9 Java 12 language and API features
10 Java 13 language and API features
11 Java 14 language and API features

Before You Migrate
12 Building a migration strategy
13 Updating development tools
14 Course project introduction
15 Configuring build tools
16 Continuous integration strategies
17 Challenge – Creating a preview build
18 Solution – Creating a preview build

Migration Techniques
19 Migration challenges
20 Concerns for specific Java versions
21 Java Dependency Analysis Tool
22 Migration toolkit for application binaries
23 IBM migration toolkit for Eclipse plugin
24 Resolving source code migration issues
25 Resolving dependency migration issues

26 Next steps with Java