Maturing the Snowflake Data Cloud: A Templated Approach to Delivering and Governing Snowflake in Large Enterprises

Maturing the Snowflake Data Cloud: A Templated Approach to Delivering and Governing Snowflake in Large Enterprises

English | 2023 | ISBN: 978-1484293393 | 481 Pages | PDF, EPUB | 39 MB

This project-oriented book gives you a hands-on approach to designing, developing, and templating your Snowflake platform delivery. Written by seasoned Snowflake practitioners, the book is full of practical guidance and advice to accelerate and mature your Snowflake journey. Working through the examples helps you develop the skill, knowledge, and expertise to expand your organization’s core Snowflake capability and prepare for later incorporation of additional Snowflake features as they become available. Your Snowflake platform will be resilient, fit for purpose, extensible, and guarantee rapid, consistent, and repeatable, pattern-based deployments ready for application delivery.

When a Snowflake account is delivered there are no controls, guard rails, external monitoring, nor governance mechanisms baked in. From a large organization perspective, this book explains how to deliver your core Snowflake platform in the form of a Landing Zone, a consistent, templated approach that assumes familiarity with Snowflake core concepts and principles. The book also covers Snowflake from a governance perspective and addresses the “who can see what?” question, satisfying requirements to know for certain that your Snowflake accounts properly adhere to your organization’s data usage policies.

The book provides a proven pathway to success by equipping you with skill, knowledge, and expertise to accelerate Snowflake adoption within your organization. The patterns delivered within this book are used for production deployment, and are proven in real-world use. Examples in the book help you succeed in an environment in which governance policies, processes, and procedures oversee and control every aspect of your Snowflake platform development and delivery life cycle. Your environment may not be so exacting, but you’ll still benefit from the rigorous and demanding perspective this book’s authors bring to the table. The book shows you how to leverage what you already know and adds what you don’t know, all applied to deliver your Snowflake accounts. You will know how to position your organization to deliver consistent Snowflake accounts that are prepared and ready for immediate application development.

What You Will Learn

  • Create a common, consistent deployment framework for Snowflake in your organization
  • Enable rapid up-skill and adoption of Snowflake, leveraging the benefits of cloud platforms
  • Develop a deep understanding of Snowflake administration and configuration
  • Implement consistent, approved design patterns that reduce account provisioning times
  • Manage data consumption by monitoring and controlling access to datasets