Mastering MERN: Learn MongoDB, Express, React and Node

Mastering MERN: Learn MongoDB, Express, React and Node

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Get started with MongoDB, Express, React and Node

You might have heard about MEAN, but what about MERN? Use established web technologies with the latest front-end framework from Facebook in this end-to-end Learning Path on MongoDB, Express, React and Node.js.

This path navigates across the following products (in sequential order):

  • Learning MongoDB (3h 26m)
  • Web Development with Node.JS and MongoDB (3h 54m)
  • Mastering Express Web Application Development (2h 51m)
  • Mastering React (1h 33m)
Table of Contents

Learning MongoDB
1.Downloading and Installing Linux
2.Downloading and Installing Windows
3.Configuring Startup with a System (Service Integration)
4.Using the Command-line Tool
5.Graphical User Interfaces (GUI)
6.An Overview of JSON
7.Schemaless but Structured
8.Adding Data to MongoDB
9.Querying Data in MongoDB
10.Advanced Queries, Regex, Projection, and Fields
11.Pruning Data from MongoDB
12.Backing Up a Database
13.Restoring a Database
14.Other Redundancy Mechanisms
16.MapReduce Overview and Background
17.Creating a Map Function
18.Creating a Reduce Function
19.Advanced MapReduce Functionality
20.When to Use MapReduce
21.An Overview of the Aggregation Framework
22.Single Purpose Aggregation
23.Pipeline Components
24.Example Usage
25.Expression Operators
26.SCons and Memory Requirements Used to Build MongoDB
27.Verifying and Distributing the Build
28.Authentication and Authorization
29.Accessing MongoDB Using PHP
30.Accessing MongoDB Using Python
31.Types of Nodes
32.Building a Replica Set
33.Verifying Failovers
34.Write Concern
35.ReadPreference and Load Balancing
36.Sharding and Ultrascale
37.Sharding Example
38.MMS Setup
39.Reviewing the MMS Feature
40.Caching MongoDB

Web Development with Node.JS and MongoDB
41.Node.js Basics
42.Blocking Versus Non-blocking Code
43.Setting Up Your Environment
44.Hello Workout
47.The Event Loop
48.Working with Streams
49.Working with Files
50.Express.js Basics
53.Scaffolding an App
54.Templating with Handlebars
55.MongoDB Basics
57.Schema and Data Types
59.Integrating with Node.js
61.RESTful APIs
62.Serving APIs
63.Consuming on the Server-side
64.Consuming on the Client-side
65.CRUD Through REST
66.Unit Testing and TDD
67.Mocha and Chai
68.Spying and Stubbing
69.Mocking with Sinon.JS
70.Running with Karma
71.Dependencies and SemVer
73.Publishing to npm
74.Heroku Basics
75.Deploying on Heroku
76.Optimizing Page Performance
77.Isomorphic JavaScript
78.Bundling with Webpack
79.Finishing the App

Mastering Express Web Application Development
80.Final Remarks
81.Configuration with nconf
82.Getting to Know Winston
83.Installing and Using Nunjucks
84.Consuming the Instagram API
85.Showing the Results on a Page
86.Caching Requests in Memory
87.Installing Mocha
88.Refactoring to Make Things Testable
89.Mocking to Remove Dependencies
90.Spying with Sinon.js
92.Sending and Receiving Data in Real-time
93.Scoping Data to Individual Users
94.Adding a Chat Room
96.Mounting Sub-applications
97.Serving Content Conditionally for AJAX
98.Persistance with Sequelize and MySQL
99.HTTPS and Express
100.Preventing CSRF
101.Using Helmet to Make Your App More Secure
102.Improving Performance with Node.js Cluster
103.Nginx and Node.js
104.Using Supervisord to Keep Things Running

Mastering React
107.The Course Overview
108.Setting Up Your Development Environment for React
109.JSX and Component Composition
110.The Component Life Cycle and the Virtual DOM
111.Building a Solid Foundation
112.Adding Dynamic Content
113.Writing Unit Tests for React Components
114.Unit Testing Complex React Components
115.Type Checking with Flow
116.Fetching Orders from the Server
117.Manipulating the State
118.State Management
119.shouldComponentUpdate and React.addons.Perf
120.Troubleshooting Bugs with the React Chrome Extension
121.Utilizing a Router to Manage Our URLs and Main Entry Points
122.Adding Charts to the Dashboard
123.Server-side Rendering and Routing
124.Server-side Rendering with Data
125.Adding a Digest E-mail with Inline Styles
126.Inlining SVG Charts Digest E-mail
127.Setting Up a React Native iOS App
128.Rendering Orders with Data from the Server in iOS

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