Mastering Git

Mastering Git

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Manage your projects with the aid of hands-on exercises that make Git version control easy for you

Controlling your projects—small or large—is easier now, owing to the advanced functionalities that Git brings with it. It performs fast, is easy to manage, and makes Source Control Management uncomplicated and effortless for you. It will help you implement that perfect workflow you have been looking for.

This course is an exploration of solo and collaborative Source Control Management with the intention of expanding and improving your confidence and expertise with Git.

You’ll begin with a brief overview of Source Control Management before setting up and verifying your Git installation. Then, you’ll move on to a more detailed look at the Git workflow and explore variants and the not-so-rare “special situations”. With a strong understanding of the Git history and structure, you’ll learn how to use powerful tools as Branching, Merging, Reset, Revert and so on. Next, you’ll take a deep dive into more intriguing features of Git such as, Rebase, Stash, Aliases, and Patches. You will explore several examples of these commands to improve the efficiency of using Git. Finally, when you have mastered the various tools provided by Git, you’ll be provided with some suggestions that’ll help you to move forward with Git.

Once you are done with this course, perhaps you will be the one providing answers to others in trouble!

What You Will Learn

  • Work in parallel on different parts of your project and manage diversions with the aid of branching in Git
  • Manage conflicts in your Git app with the help of Merge, a developer’s “magic missile”
  • Eliminate errors easily with features such as Reset and Revert and develop clean code in Git
  • Make your code linear and get better control over it with features such as Rebase and Blame
  • Control your changes in code effortlessly with the help of Patches in Git
  • Integrate external software into your project without affecting your app, with the help of SubModules
Table of Contents

Keeping Software Under Control
01 Understanding Version Control

Let’s Git Started
02 Using Git with Nitrous
03 Verify Your Git Installation and Version
04 Setting Up Globals

The Git Workflow Under a Microscope
05 A Typical Git Workflow
06 Setting the Stage
07 The Commit – an Intimate Look
08 The Git Directory
09 The Remote
10 Tracking Remotes

The Git Workflow Under a Microscope
11 Branching
12 Branching in Git

Communicating with Developers of the Future
13 History and How It-ll Affect the Future
14 The Commit Messages
15 Merging in Git
16 How to Reset Your Changes

Changing the Way to Manage History
17 Altering History
18 Applying Rebase in Git
19 Using Blame
20 Using Diff
21 Bisecting in Git
22 Patching Up Git
23 Git SubModules

Git-ting More Efficient
24 Stash
25 Aliases
26 GUI Clients for Git

Leaving the Nest
27 When Troubles Arise
28 The Ultimate Reference- A Git repository

Final Thoughts
29 Final Thoughts

References and Resources
30 References and Resources