Master the MEAN Stack – Learn By Example

Master the MEAN Stack – Learn By Example

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Learn Full Stack JavaScript. Using AngularJS, Node.js, Express and MongoDB we will Build a MEAN-based Web Application.

In this course, you will learn to build a full stack web application using Node.js, AngularJS, Express.js and MongoDB. We will start with a sophisticated authorization template and work from there.

This is a hands-on project based course. The name of our app will be Best Dressed and will show off many interesting features utilized in real-world web applications.

By utilizing popular NPM modules and angular components we will build out our application to include the following functionality: upload capability, web scraping, infinite scrolling, single look detail pages, an admin area, a comment section, CRUD capabilities, and more.

We will be using Javascript on both the frontend and backend. And by using MongoDB as our database, we are able to make use of familiar JSON syntax.

What You Will Learn

  • What it takes to build a full stack web application
  • How to create and use a RESTful API’s
  • Web scraping using the Request and Cheerio modules
  • How to create a Pinterest style view with infinite scrolling
  • How to Upload and save images
  • Implement view transitions using ngAnimate
  • Use Boostrap styling for responsive design
  • Build and use 3 different MongoDB schemas using mongoose
Table of Contents

1 Introduction

Getting Started
2 Overview and Setup
3 Installing MongoDB
4 NPM and Bower
5 DaftMonk Generator and Dependencies
6 Server Files Explained – Part 1
7 Server Files Explained – Part 2
8 Client Files Explained
9 Running the App

Adding the Gravatar
10 Add Gravatar – Part 1
11 Add Gravatar – Part 2

Scraping Functionality
12 Scraping Pinterest – Introduction
13 Important Pinterest Update
14 Create Look Model
15 Build Scraper API
16 Code Our Pinterest Scraper
17 Add HTML CSS and Modal
18 Code the Main Controller
19 Add Imgur to Scrape Options

Scraping Upload Functionality
20 Create Scrape Upload Function
21 Build Utils Methods
22 Add Scrape Post Function to Frontend
23 Refactor http out of Controller
24 Display Looks Add Alerts
25 Display All Looks in View

Uploading Look
26 Uploading Overview
27 Multer
28 Ng-File-Upload

MyLooks Page
29 Routing
30 Angular-Grid
31 MyLooks Page
32 Moment

Single Look Page
33 Single Look Page
34 Comment Area
35 Upvote Add Views

Finishing Up
36 Where Weve Come
37 View Animations
38 Infinite Scrolling
39 Admin Area
40 Admin Area Part 2
41 Profile Area
42 Conclusion