MariaDB Cluster Admin Deep Dive

MariaDB Cluster Admin Deep Dive
MariaDB Cluster Admin Deep Dive
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In this course we will discuss the Galera write-set replication technology as implemented on MariaDB and CentOS 7. We will discuss the architecture and installation of MariaDB Galera Cluster. We will also discuss using the Galera Load Balancer and several cluster use-cases.

Table of Contents

1 About the Course
2 Prerequisites for This Course
3 What Is High Availability

MariaDB Galera Cluster Architecture
4 The MariaDB Server
5 The wsrep Patch
6 The Galera wsrep Provider Library

Installing MariaDB Galera Cluster
7 Installing the Packages
8 Bootstrapping the New Cluster
9 Adding Nodes to the Cluster

Galera Load Balancer
10 Balancing Policies
11 Runtime Management
12 The Watchdog

MariaDB Galera Cluster Use Cases
13 Implementing a Primary-Replica Cluster
14 Implementing a Write-Scalable Cluster
15 Implementing a Disaster Recovery Cluster
16 Implementing a Cluster to Reduce Client Latency

17 Recovering from a Crash
18 ShutdownRestart the Cluster
19 Monitoring
20 Maximum Concurrent Connections

21 Course Summary