Machine Intelligence for Smart Applications: Opportunities and Risks

Machine Intelligence for Smart Applications: Opportunities and Risks

English | 2023 | ISBN: 978-3031374531 | 252 Pages | PDF, EPUB | 41 MB

This book provides insights into recent advances in Machine Intelligence (MI) and related technologies, identifies risks and challenges that are, or could be, slowing down overall MI mainstream adoption and innovation efforts, and discusses potential solutions to address these limitations. All these aspects are explored through the lens of smart applications.

The book navigates the landscape of the most recent, prominent, and impactful MI smart applications. The broad set of smart applications for MI is organized into four themes covering all areas of the economy and social life, namely (i) Smart Environment, (ii) Smart Social Living, (iii) Smart Business and Manufacturing, and (iv) Smart Government. The book examines not only present smart applications but also takes a look at how MI may potentially be applied in the future.

This book is aimed at researchers and postgraduate students in applied artificial intelligence and allied technologies. The book is also valuable for practitioners, and it serves as a bridge between researchers and practitioners. It also helps connect researchers interested in MI technologies who come from different social and business disciplines and who can benefit from sharing ideas and results.