Learning Nuxt.js

Learning Nuxt.js

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Nuxt.js is a Vue framework for building blazing fast web applications. In this course, Gift Egwuenu covers the essential and core concepts in Nuxt.js from the ground up, teaching you how to set up a Nuxt project. Covered topics include: File-based routing and how it works, Nuxt Components, Nuxt plugins and modules, data fetching; and more topics you need to understand to build a fully functional web application.

Table of Contents

1 Learn Nuxt for complete application development
2 What you should know
3 Exercise files

Getting Started
4 What is Nuxt.js
5 Scaffold an app with create-nuxt-app
6 A look into .nuxt directory
7 The concept of layout and pages
8 Challenge Create your first page
9 Solution Create your first page

Nuxt.js Core Concepts
10 File system routing
11 Dynamic routes
12 Data fetching in Nuxt
13 The fetch hook
14 SEO and meta tags
15 Challenge Create an image gallery
16 Solution Create an image gallery

Extending Nuxt.js
17 What are Nuxt plug-ins
18 What are Nuxt Modules
19 Challenge Optimizing images using the Nuxt Image module
20 Solution Optimizing images using the Nuxt Image module

Build and Deployment Strategies
21 Server-side rendering and static site generation
22 How to deploy with Cloudflare Pages
23 How to deploy with Vercel

24 Next steps