Learning Google Firebase for Flutter

Learning Google Firebase for Flutter
Learning Google Firebase for Flutter
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Flutter is a mobile app SDK that allows you to write an app in one codebase and compile to both Android and iOS. Firebase is a mobile development platform that provides a back end to support your apps, and Cloud Firestore is a NoSQL document database where you can store, sync, and query data for your mobile apps. Together, this trio of Google solutions can eliminate many of the more tedious aspects of mobile development—helping you take your apps from concept to deployment at rapid speed. In this course, instructor Chiu-Ki Chan shows how to create an app using Flutter on the mobile side, Firebase on the back end, and Cloud Firestore to store data. Learn how to set up a Flutter app, create a Firebase project and configure your app with this project, and store your data in Cloud Firestore.

Topics include:

  • What are Flutter and Firebase?
  • Creating your first Flutter app
  • Adding Firebase to Flutter
  • Creating a Firebase project
  • Adding Firebase dependencies to Android
  • Storing data in Cloud Firestore
Table of Contents

1 Develop with Flutter and Firebase
2 What is Flutter
3 What is Firebase
4 Use Flutter with Firebase
5 Flutter SDK
6 Android Studio setup for Flutter
7 Create your first Flutter app
8 iOS setup for Flutter
9 Create a Firebase project
10 Add Firebase dependencies to Android
11 Add iOS app to Firebase project
12 Add GoogleServices-Info.plist to iOS
13 Initialize Firebase in iOS
14 What is Cloud Firestore
15 Show text in Flutter
16 Set up Cloud Firestore
17 Refactor createBody()
18 Read a document
19 Next steps