Learning Cloud Computing: Cloud Governance

Learning Cloud Computing: Cloud Governance
Learning Cloud Computing: Cloud Governance
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Cloud governance is the process of applying specific policies or principles to cloud computing services for the purpose of securing applications and data. In this course, explore the fundamentals of cloud governance—one of the most important aspects of cloud computing—and its relation to security. Cloud computing expert David Linthicum explores different governance tools, showing how to identify their requirements and select the tools that will best meet your needs. To help you see how these tools work, he includes a governance tool demo. In addition, he explains how to approach cloud governance, sharing a process for deploying cloud governance within your own projects.

Topics include:

  • Cloud governance basics
  • Cloud resource governance
  • How cloud security and governance are linked
  • Defining governance policies
  • Cloud management platform basics
  • Reviewing service governance tools
  • Cloud governance costs
  • Understanding your requirements
  • Finding the right tools
  • Testing cloud governance
  • How operations deals with governance
Table of Contents

1 Cloud governance tools
2 What you should know

Introduction to Cloud Governance
3 The basics
4 Resource governance
5 Service governance
6 Security and governance
7 Compliance and governance
8 Introduction to policies

Governance Tools
9 Cloud management platforms (CMPs)
10 Service governance tools
11 Identity and access tools
12 Security and governance tools
13 Compliance and governance tools
14 Example of a cloud governance project
15 Estimated costs
16 Needed skills

Goverance Tool Demo
17 Governance demonstration

Approaching Cloud Governance
18 Understanding your requirements
19 Finding the right tools
20 Testing cloud governance
21 Cloud governance operations

22 Next steps