Learning Azure Automation

Learning Azure Automation

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Did you know you can use Azure to streamline and automate many manual business processes and activities? Automation can help you reduce the overall operational expenses, resulting in increased performance. In this course, Cloud evangelist, architect, and author Neeraj Kumar shows you how. First, Neeraj explains the capabilities and core features of Azure Automation. Next, he dives into cross-service automation, outlining the process flow and presenting several demos. Neeraj covers update management with Azure Automation, then shows you how to configure the Desired State Configuration (DSC). He outlines the benefits that you can achieve by using the Automation Desired State Configuration and walks you through deployment models and onboarding machines for Automation DSC management. Neeraj concludes with a discussion of the core Azure Automation resources and how you can put them to use.

Table of Contents

1 Understanding Azure automation
2 What you should know

Understanding Azure Automation
3 Introduction to Azure Automation
4 Azure Automation Capabilities and Core Features
5 Why should we trust Azure Automation
6 Create the Automation account

Cross-Service Automation Using PowerShell Runbooks
7 Understanding the cross-service automation
8 Cross-service automation process flow
9 Configuring Virtual Network and network security group
10 Configuring Storage account
11 Understanding Excel file structure
12 Creating the managed identity for the service
13 Configuring the Automation account
14 Creating PowerShell runbooks for VM creation
15 Configuring Event Grid to trigger VM creation process

Update Management Using Azure Automation
16 Understanding Update Management using Azure Automation
17 Configuring Log Analytics workspace
18 Adding virtual machines to Update Management

Configure Your VMs with Desired State Configuration (DSC)
19 Automation Desired State Configuration (DSC)
20 Benefits of Azure Automation State configuration
21 PowerShell DSC deployment models
22 Onboarding machines for management by Automation DSC
23 Configuring DSC and onboarding VMs
24 Automation DSC reporting
25 DSC reporting integration with Azure Monitor Logs

26 Azure Automation resources
27 Learning more about Azure Automation