Learn Top Ten PHP FrameWorks By Building Projects

Learn Top Ten PHP FrameWorks By Building Projects

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An unique course which covers the ten most popular PHP frameworks and help you learn them by building projects

Each framework comes with its own set of benefits and features. If you are new to coding and haven’t yet determined which framework fits your developing style, then this course is perfect for you.

Our PHP framework tutorial covers 10 of the most popular frameworks that are available. These frameworks come with different features that make it stand out amongst the other frameworks. Not only will we go over each framework and its features, but we will also use the framework to create an application for some hands-on experience.

In this course, we will cover the following frameworks:

  • Learn how to create a Patient Manager using the CakePHP framework
  • Design a Job Board using the Yii2 framework
  • Create an Event Calendar with the Symfony framework
  • Build a Sparkup CMS using the Codeigniter framework
  • Learn how to design a Photo Gallery with the Laravel framework
  • Create a Knowledgebase using Zend framework
  • Create a RESTful API using Slim framework
  • Make a FreshIdeas Idea Diary using the Nette framework
  • Design a Weblink Manager with the PHPixie framework
  • Create an Albumshelf with the FuelPHP framework
Table of Contents

1. Course Intro
01 Introduction

2. CakePHP – Patient Manager
02 Section Intro
03 Patientcare App DB Setup
04 Navigation Adding Data Part A
05 Navigation Adding Data Part B
06 Formatting Display Data
07 User Login Functionality
08 Logout Access Control

3. Yii2 – Job Board
09 Section Intro
10 App Database Setup
11 Creating Controllers Views with Gii
12 Create Models Category Actions Part A
13 Create Models Category Actions Part B
14 Fetch Display Jobs Part A
15 Fetch Display Jobs Part B
16 Create Jobs
17 Edit Delete Jobs
18 User Registration
19 Login Access Control

4. Symfony – Event Calendar
20 Section Intro
21 Controllers Routing
22 Views Layout
23 Fetching Categories Events Part A
24 Fetching Categories Events Part B
25 Creating Categories Events Part A
26 Creating Categories Events Part B
27 Edit Categories Events
28 Delete Categories Events

5. Codeigniter – Sparkup CMS
29 Section Intro
30 Codeigniter Setup Template Library Part A
31 Codeigniter Setup Template Library Part B
32 Bootstrap Template
33 Add Subjects Part A
34 Add Subjects Part B
35 List, Edit Delete Subjects Part A
36 List, Edit Delete Subjects Part B
37 Add Pages
38 List, Edit Delete Pages
39 Dashboard User CRUD
40 Login Functionality
41 Access Control
42 Frontend Layout Homepage
43 Frontend Navigation Menu

6. Laravel – Photo Gallery
44 Section Intro
45 Controllers Routes
46 Views Layouts
47 Database Create Gallery Part A
48 Database Create Gallery Part B
49 Display Galleries
50 Upload Display Photos
51 Photo Details
52 User Authentication

7. Zend – Knowledgebase
53 Section Intro
54 Zend Module Config
55 Linking Controllers Views
56 Connect Configure Database
57 Displaying Categories Articles
58 Adding Categories Articles
59 Edit Delete Categories Articles
60 Frontend Views

8. Slim – RESTful API
61 Section Intro
62 Slim PHP Setup Part A
63 Slim PHP Setup Part B
64 Fetching Posts
65 Adding Posts
66 Edit Delete Posts
67 Category CRUD
68 API Use Example

9. Nette – FreshIdeas Idea Diary
69 Section Intro
70 Nette Setup
71 Fetch Display Ideas
72 Commenting Functionality
73 Creating Updating Ideas
74 Login Authentication

10. PHPixie – Weblink Manager
75 Section Intro
76 PHPixie Processor Setup
77 Database Displaying Weblinks
78 Adding Weblinks
79 Viewing Individual Weblinks
80 Editing Deleting Weblinks

11. FuelPHP – Albumshelf
81 Section Intro
82 FuelPHP Controller View Setup
83 Template Layout Setup
84 Listed Single Album Views
85 Adding Albums
86 Editing Deleting Albums

12. Summary
87 Summary