Learn How to Program with Java LiveLessons

Learn How to Program with Java LiveLessons

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Learn How to Program with Java LiveLessons takes the learner from beginner to proficient, covering all the important concepts in Java: from basic syntax, to object-oriented basics, to using libraries, to building user interfaces.

The Java programming language is designed specifically to be readable, secure, and highly performant; therefore, small and large companies make use of it, and knowing Java guarantees you a variety of career options for the foreseeable future. Becoming an effective Java programmer requires much more training than learning languages such as Python or JavaScript. In this course, Shaun bridges the gap and provides students with all the resources they need to effectively program in Java.

This course provides a solid foundation in programming with Java. Shaun starts off teaching the basics, such as data types, basic syntax, and program structure with simple operations. He then moves into the basics of object-oriented programming in Java, then into more granular topics, such as mapping and user interfaces.

What You Will Learn

  • The art of thinking like a programmer
  • The basics of Java in a fun and hands-on way
  • Object-oriented programming and how it works, with many examples
  • How to build user interfaces with Java’s Swing library
  • How to use Java Collections to work with data effectively
  • How to run multiple operations at the same time in Java
  • Deployment options for Java applications
Table of Contents

1 Learn How to Program with Java – Introduction
2 Learning objectives
3 Learn exactly what programming is and why you should learn it
4 Learn basic programming terminology
5 Walk through a basic example – ‘Hello, user’
6 Walk through another basic programming example
7 Walk through a more complex programming example
8 Walk through another more complex programming example
9 Learning objectives
10 Learn why you should use Java
11 Install Java and set up a dev environment with Intellij IDEA
12 Basic program structure
13 Learning objectives
14 Learn the basic data types
15 Define the different data types
16 Learn basic control structures
17 Use arrays to store data, part I
18 Use arrays to store data, part II
19 Learning objectives
20 Learn basic object-oriented syntax and terminology Рclasses
21 Learn basic object-oriented syntax and terminology Рmethods
22 Learn basic object-oriented syntax and terminology – data visibility in Java classes
23 Review what you’ve learned – classes, methods, and data visibility
24 Learn the basics of inheritance
25 Learn how to use interfaces
26 Learning objectives
27 Learn the difference between pass-by-value and pass-by-reference
28 Learn about polymorphism in object-oriented programming
29 Learning objectives
30 Understand the difference between collections and arrays
31 Learn about lists
32 Learning objectives
33 Learn about maps, part I
34 Learn about maps, part II
35 Apply maps
36 Map with streams
37 Filter with streams
38 Reduce streams
39 Learning objectives
40 Learn the basics of the Swing library
41 Learn the basic user interface components
42 Handle user interface events
43 Learn How to Program with Java – Summary