Learn Angular for Modern Web Applications LiveLessons

Learn Angular for Modern Web Applications LiveLessons

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Shaun Wassell’s goal is to create a world where people are empowered to use programming as a way to solve meaningful problems—a world where writing code is just as natural for most people as walking or breathing. To help make this a reality, he has dedicated the past few years to helping people learn and master software-development skills through video courses, live training sessions, and one-on-one tutoring. Shaun has been programming since he was a kid, when creating video games was his gateway into the world of software. Since then, he’s been fortunate enough to be a contributing member on many amazing software projects and work with some incredible mentors along the way.

Table of Contents

1 Learn Angular for Modern Web Applications – Introduction
2 Learning objectives
3 Understand the purpose and benefits of Angular
4 Create and run an Angular app
5 Understand the different parts of an Angular component
6 Pass inputs to components
7 Render components conditionally
8 Display lists of components
9 Style components in Angular
10 Handle clicks and other events
11 Learn about outputs in Angular
12 Learning objectives
13 Use State in components
14 Decide where to put State
15 Use lifecycle events in components
16 Learning objectives
17 Set up routing in Angular
18 Use URL parameters & query parameters
19 Create a ‘Not Found’ page
20 Navigate programmatically
21 Learning objectives
22 Create and manage forms in Angular
23 Build a navigation bar in Angular
24 Load data and make requests in Angular
25 Learning objectives
26 Learn the difference between Inheritance and Composition
27 Apply the Single-Responsibility Principle in Angular
28 Avoid common anti-patterns
29 Learning objectives
30 Learn about Angular view encapsulation
31 Add the Font-Awesome and Material Libraries to Angular
32 Use the ng-content directive
33 Learning objectives
34 Host an Angular app on Netlify
35 Host an Angular app on Firebase Hosting
36 Learn Angular for Modern Web Applications – Summary