Leadership Fundamentals

Leadership Fundamentals
Leadership Fundamentals
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Lead with intention using the leadership tips, tactics, and advice in this audio-only course. Lisa Earle McLeod and Elizabeth Lotardo explain how to develop a leadership mindset, thrive in crucial leadership moments and challenges, and build a winning team. Discover how to master the leadership opportunities you have at every turn: to set direction, build a strong team, and make a lasting impact on your entire organization. By the end of this course, you’ll learn how to manage your mindset and behaviors to be a leader others will want to follow.

Topics include:

  • Aligning your team and setting goals
  • Holding high-impact one-on-ones
  • Delivering feedback
  • Navigating team conflict and change
  • Recruiting talent
  • Leading through disruption
Table of Contents

1 Leading with intention
2 Aligning your team
3 Assessing your emotional wake
4 Carving out thinking time
5 Why empathy is your secret weapon
6 Maximizing your effort
7 High-impact one-on-ones
8 Setting goals
9 Giving positive feedback
10 Giving negative feedback
11 Talking with senior leaders
12 Leading a team who is in trouble
13 Ending team drama
14 Navigating team changes
15 Recruiting more talent
16 Performance management
17 Leading through disruption
18 Leaving an impact