JavaScript for Beginners: Learn with 6 Main Projects

JavaScript for Beginners: Learn with 6 Main Projects
JavaScript for Beginners: Learn with 6 Main Projects
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Learn modern JavaScript and its fundamentals from scratch

This course will guide you on your journey to becoming a confident JavaScript developer by equipping you with the right techniques and knowledge of essential concepts.

You will learn how to write JavaScript, along with understanding its application and how to execute it. Progressing through the sections, you’ll work with the JavaScript syntax and also discover ways to easily debug JavaScript code. One of the main reasons why JavaScript is so popular is because of its ability to interact with a web page. In this course, you will learn how to accept user input, change how a page looks, and take action based on the user’s action. Specific videos will also teach you about the different data types and how to use them. In addition to this, you’ll delve into numbers, strings, floats, functions, undefined, and null, along with understanding their importance. The course also features a dedicated section for objects, classes, and object-oriented programming (OOP), along with covering concepts such as hoisting, closures, promises, and block scoping. Finally, you’ll get to grips with topics such as APIs and Ajax requests.

By the end of this course, you will be well-versed with modern JavaScript and have the skills you need to write effective JavaScript code.


  • Understand how to use conditional statements in JavaScript
  • Discover how to write loops in JavaScript
  • Work with object-oriented programming (OOP) in JavaScript
  • Explore the different data types and data structures in JavaScript
Table of Contents

01 Introduction – 7 JavaScript Facts
02 Your First Script
03 A Brief History
04 Introduction to Variables
05 Merging Variables
06 Console Logging
07 Selecting HTML Elements
08 Mini Project #1
09 String Manipulation
10 Accepting User Input
11 Introduction to Comparison Operators
12 Handling Opposite Operators
13 Mini Project #2
14 Handling Special Cases
15 Code Commenting
16 Introduction to Simple Arithmetic
17 Boolean Logic
18 Making Lists with Arrays
19 Checking Variable Types
20 Variable Casting
21 More Comparison Operators
22 Mini Project #3
23 Functions
24 Practice with Functions
25 Mini Project #4
26 Query Selectors
27 Introduction to Events
28 Tip Calculator Project
29 Anonymous Functions
31 This ‘this’ Keyword
32 Scope
33 Hoisting
34 Introduction to Event Listeners
35 Getting Input Values
36 Changing CSS with Event Listeners
37 Mini Project #5
38 Objects
39 For Loops
40 While Loops
41 For Each Loops
42 Guessing Game Project
43 Let and Const
44 Introduction to OOP
45 Extending Classes
46 Modal Project
47 Home Stretch
48 Template Literals
49 Object Literals
50 Destructuring Arrays and Objects, and All the Rest
51 Timeouts
52 Intervals
53 API’s and Ajax Requests
54 Arrow Functions
55 Adding and Removing CSS Classes
56 Final Project
57 Summary