JavaScript: Five Advanced Challenges and Concepts

JavaScript: Five Advanced Challenges and Concepts

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When you’re learning JavaScript, you rarely get time to really dig into the more complex aspects of the language. Until now! This hybrid course mixes learning and hands-on practice with interactive coding challenges. Instructor Morten Rand-Hendriksen guides you through five advanced topics in JavaScript development: turning flat arrays into nested arrays, extending classes, using singletons and proxies, creating observable objects, and building robust applications with the reactive object pattern. Each chapter presents you with a basic introduction, two hands-on examples, and two coding challenges to solidify your learning. Advancing your skills in JavaScript means pushing yourself to go beyond the basics, and Morten shows you how to get it right.

This course includes Code Challenges powered by CoderPad. Code Challenges are interactive coding exercises with real-time feedback, so you can get hands-on coding practice alongside the course content to advance your programming skills.

Table of Contents

1 Advance your skills with JavaScript
2 How this course works

Nested Relationships
3 Managing nested comments
4 Using a data map to turn flat arrays into trees
5 Creating a recursive function to generate a nested array
6 Solution Make a nested array
7 Advanced solution Add nested comments

Classes and Inheritance
8 Managing users and capabilities
9 Creating a class with capabilities
10 Extending a class with new capabilities
11 Solution Create a library with books
12 Advanced Solution Users managing other users

Singletons and Proxy Objects
13 Building robust applications
14 Using singletons to create unique functions
15 Using proxy objects to intercept calls to an object or class
16 Solution Create a logging system
17 Advanced solution Create a data validation system

Observer Pattern
18 Push info to many nodes
19 Setting up a basic Observer pattern
20 Managing observers
21 Solution Temperature display
22 Advanced solution Stock information

Reactive Objects and Factories
23 Keeping a shopping cart up to date
24 The basic Reactive pattern
25 Adding advanced functionality
26 Solution Create a Reactive shopping cart
27 Advanced solution Create a Reactive object

28 Wrapping up