Java EE 8 Application Development [Video]

Java EE 8 Application Development [Video]
Java EE 8 Application Development [Video]
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Build production-ready applications with the latest features of Java EE 8

This course is the perfect guide to create a Java EE 8 application. You’ll build a real-world chat application and will learn the best patterns and techniques in Java EE.

You’ll build a business model for a chat application with CDI and JSON. First, you’ll create the skeleton of the business model. Moving on, you’ll learn to add features to the model such as user, message, and chat. Once you’ve set the model, you’ll develop a connection between chat client and server using Websockets. Then, you’ll create a REST API for other front-end JSclient applications. Finally, you’ll develop a UI for the chat application by using the latest version of Java Server Faces JSF 2.3.

By the end of the course, you’ll be able to create a full-fledged web application using the new features of Java EE 8.

The course covers all the major Java EE APIs required for application development and deployment. We’ll develop applications taking advantage of the latest versions of CDI, Security, Servlets, JSF, and other Java EE specifications. We’ll also showcase various techniques to utilize the new features of the Java EE 8 specification.

What You Will Learn

  • Create an application that is easily testable with CDI
  • Build a business model for a chat application with Java APIs
  • Find out about the efficient message transfer protocol with Java API for WebSockets and JMS
  • Explore RESTful web service development using the JAX-RS 2.1 specification
  • Develop web-based applications using the Java Server Faces JSF 2.3
  • Compose a JSF page with back-end data using Java EE
Table of Contents

Building an Application with CDI
1 The Course Overview
2 Dependency Injection
3 Named Beans
4 CDI Lifecycle and Events
5 Introduction to Microservices
6 Using CDI with Java EE Microservice Application

Creating a Business Model for the Application – JSONP and JSONB
7 The JSONP Model API
8 Populating Java Objects from JSON with JSONB
9 Generating JSON Strings from Java Objects with JSONB
10 The JSONP Streaming API

Developing Connection Between Chat Client and Server Using Websockets (JMS)
11 Creating WebSocket Server
12 Creating WebSocket Client
13 JMS – Message Queues
14 JMS – Message Topics

Creating RESTful API
15 JAX-RS Introduction
16 Designing REST Contract for the API
17 Creating REST Server
18 Creating REST Client

Developing UI for the Applications
19 Get Started with JSF
20 Developing JSF Application
21 Adding JSF Form for Submitting Data
22 Custom Data Validation